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Rokko Morinone Museum

What is Rokko Morinone Museum?


The facility was opened on July 21, 1994 as a museum that collects musical box and other mechanical instruments. In 1996, it was designated as a museum-equivalent facility for the first time in Japan as a museum for mechanical instruments.



Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend a relaxing time.

How to enjoy the museum

Forest sound hall

The Mori no Oto Hall exhibits mechanical instruments such as musical box that were popular in Europe and the United States from the latter half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. These collections are a historical and cultural heritage that conveys the technological capabilities of the people of the time and their passion for music to the present day, and gives us a lasting impression. In addition, in the concert room on the 2nd floor, a concert by the commentary staff is held every hour, and you can actually listen to the sounds of the collection such as mechanical instruments.

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SIKI Garden-Sound Walking Path-

In the natural garden that is in harmony with the nature of Mt. Rokko, you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons and various flowers. The "Sound Walkway" where you can walk while enjoying the bells, small musical box, and street organs is unique to the museum. In the relaxing space surrounding the pond, it is recommended to enjoy reading and the menu of the cafe as if you were on a picnic. Please spend a relaxing day surrounded by greenery.

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Musical Box Workshop / musical instrument making experience

In the Musical Box Workshop, you can experience the key process of picking up pretty tones. Why don't you find your own favorite tone and make only one musical box in the world? We also offer musical instrument making experiences such as tambourine, castanets, and kalimba. Professional staff will help you, so adults and children can enjoy themselves.

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Museum shop Toon

A musical box specialty store that offers everything from affordable items that are perfect for commemorating your trip to gifts for special occasions and gems that you want to keep near you for the rest of your life. Some products can be engraved with a message or name, so you can take home only one special musical box in the world. Professional staff who know all about musical box will propose the desired product. The online shop also musical box.

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Forest Café

Semi-self-style one-plate lunch and cafe menu are available. Not only delicious, but also "local production for local consumption", "consideration for animal welfare", "promotion of fair trade", etc., it is a discerning menu that is conscious of "realization of a sustainable society". In addition to the inside of the store, you can also eat and drink on the terrace seats in the SIKI Garden. Please spend a relaxing time surrounded by various "forest sounds" such as the sound of the wind, the murmuring of water, and the voice of birds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions