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Cafe time surrounded by "forest sounds"

Forest Café

Rokko Morinone Museum

We offer a semi-self-style one-plate lunch and a cafe menu.

Not only delicious, but also "local production for local consumption", "consideration for animal welfare", "promotion of fair trade", etc., it is a discerning menu that is conscious of "realization of a sustainable society".

In addition to the inside of the store, you can also eat and drink on the terrace seats in the SIKI Garden. Please spend a relaxing time surrounded by various "forest sounds" such as the sound of the wind, the murmuring of water, and the voice of birds.

store information

business hours

11: 00-16: 30 (Last order 16:00)

Business hours may vary depending on the period. Please check the business hours before using.

Regular holiday

Same as the closed days of Rokko Morinone Museum.

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It is a store in the Rokko Morinone Museum. An admission fee is required to use the service.


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