Strauss Café

  • Inside the store

    Inside the store

  • Buffet


  • Terrace seat

    Terrace seat

  • Audience 2

    Audience 2

  • Waiting on customers

    Waiting on customers

  • Inside the store
  • Buffet
  • Terrace seat
  • Audience 2
  • Waiting on customers

Coffee time while being blown by the wind of Mt. Rokko

Johann Strauss II, King of Waltz, famous for composition such as "Beautiful Blue Danube". The time he was active was also the heyday of musical box. Named after the name of the great composer, the Museum Cafe has a rich Viennese menu. When the weather is nice, we recommend the terrace seats in the courtyard where you can fully enjoy the nature of Mt. Rokko.

business hours
11: 00-16: 30 (last order 16:00)
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Rokko International Musical Box Museum closed days
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Seasonal menu

  • Apple Stru-Dell
    Apple Stru-Dell

    1,100 yen (tax included)

    Sweet and sour apples, crispy pie, and buttery aroma spread.
    Enjoy with tea and coffee.
    With drink

  • Raclette Cheese Ranch
    Raclette Cheese Ranch

    1,880 yen (tax included) Limited quantity

    Enjoy rye bread, mortadella and seasonal vegetables with raclette cheese.
    With drink

  • Cranberry-scoon set
    Cranberry-scoon set

    870 yen (tax included)

    In a scone made by kneading cranberries in the dough and baking, with homemade berry sauce.
    With drink

  • Fruit Tropical Soda Blueberry Soda 7/4-
    Fruit Tropical Soda Blueberry Soda 7/4-

    650 yen (tax included)

    Pour carbonated water into a special fruit syrup and top it with fruit. It's a summer drink.

  • Carrot cake 7/4-
    Carrot cake 7/4-

    1,250 yen (tax included)

    It is a traditional British cake with dried carrots and a lot of carrot.
    With drink

  • Stilton Cheeseburger 7/4-
    Stilton Cheeseburger 7/4-

    1,400 yen (tax included) Limited quantity

    Recommended burger with 100% beef pate and British blue cheese stilton.
    Mini salad with drink


  • Stewed Hamba-Granchi
    Stewed Hamba-Granchi

    1,250 yen (tax included)

    Rice with drink

  • Spicy chicken curry
    Spicy chicken curry

    1,250 yen (tax included)

    Curry sauce with spicy sauce made from whole boned chicken.
    With salad and drink

Design Menu

  • Yause

    980 yen (tax included)

    Drink + your favorite cake
    It's a traditional Viennese custom to enjoy with your favorite drink during afternoon coffee.
    Choose your favorite drink and cake.