Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden since 1933


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About What is Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden?

This botanical garden is located near the summit of Mt. Rokko, 865m above sea level.
Taking advantage of the cool climate, we cultivate about 1,500 species of alpine plants, cold region plants, Rokko native plants, wild grasses, etc. in a state close to the wild.
Enjoy the nature and scenery of the four seasons, such as the flowers of early spring that bloom by breaking the snow, the fresh green of early summer, and the autumn leaves that decorate the park.
There is also a grocery store associated with plants and a cafe.

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A rock garden

A rock garden is one of the landscaping styles created to enjoy alpine plants on flat ground. It is devised so that alpine plants can be admired in a state close to nature, imitating the landscape of alpine rocks. In order to grow alpine plants on flat land with higher temperature and humidity than in the alpine zone, drainage and breathability are especially important.

B Shulin District

This area is lined with tall trees. You can enjoy various scenery depending on the season, such as the fresh green that buds one after another, the cool shade of trees in summer, and the autumn leaves that look like nishiki-e, and it is also recommended for forest bathing. You can also admire the flowers of the satoyama that grow on the forest floor, such as "Katakuri" in the spring and "Sasayuri" in the rainy season.

C Wet Epiphyte Area (Enkousou Area)

Wetlands of various sizes used to be scattered around Mt. Rokko, but many of them have been lost due to development. In this area, we grow precious plants such as "Sagisou" that live in the wetlands of Mt. Rokko. In addition, the community of "Japanese primrose", which is in full bloom in late May, is one of the popular spots in our garden.

D high stem meadow

About 50 kinds of plants are cultivated on the slope just after entering the east entrance, imagining a flower field on a plateau where colorful flowers are in full bloom. The lily queen "Yamayuri", the endangered species "Higotai", and the Ranunculaceae "Actaea simplex" are in full bloom from summer to autumn.

E Wet Epiphyte Area (in front of the west entrance)

We grow plants that grow in the wetlands of the plateau. In spring, skunk cabbage and skunk cabbage bloom in communities, and in early summer, day lilies bloom in communities. You can also take pictures while crossing the wooden path bridge and surrounded by plants. In addition, Kirengeshoma blooms in the vicinity in the summer to welcome customers.

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    Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden


    4512-150 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe


    Main access methods

    [West entrance]
    About 3 minutes walk from Rokko Sanjo Bus “Museum-mae” stop
    [East entrance]
    About 1 minute walk from Rokko Sanjo Bus “Alpine Botanical Garden” stop

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