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have a nice trip Travel Rokkosan Feel free to go to the mountain by bus! Would you like to inhale the fresh air?


Rokkosan Holiday Tour Rokkosan Holiday Tour Welcome to an extraordinary life easier than a trip!

Mt. Rokko is full of seasonal attractions.
View, nature, history, art, night view, seasonal gourmet.
In order to make you feel such Mt. Rokko,
We have prepared an original tour packed with plenty of ways to enjoy unique to Mt. Rokko.
Easy access to the extraordinary world by bus.
Fun time to spend with friends, time to make lots of memories with children
Your own time
Please enjoy Travel Rokkosan various scenes.

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    [Cancelled] Let's go see the unexplored flower "Himalayan Blue Poppy"! Kobe Rokko mountain enjoyment bus tour in early summer ★ With special lunch using Kobe beef & Sanda pork ★
    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 14th to June 6th, 2021 for a total of 12 days
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    [Discontinuation] Take a direct bus to Rokkosan Snow Park and go straight to the slopes! [GoTo Travel Business Support Target / Capacity 22 people / Bus 1 person 2 seats / Actual payment: Adults 3,900 yen, Children 2,200 yen]
    December 26th (Sat) to 30th (Wed), 2020, January 2nd (Sat) to 31st (Sun), 2021 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 16 days in total
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    Rokko Arima Night View Bus Tour [Go To Travel Business Support Target / Capacity 17 People / Bus 1 person 2 seats / With souvenir for 1,000 yen / Actual payment: 3,250 yen]
    22 days from Saturday, October 17, 2020 to Sunday, December 20, 2020
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    "Rokko Meets Art 2020" Official Tour [Go To Travel Business Support Target / Capacity 16 people / Bus 1 person 2 seats / Actual payment: 7,150 yen]
    October 3rd (Sat) -18th (Sun) Saturday and Sunday, and November 21st (Sat) -23rd (Mon / holiday) for a total of 9 days
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    Limited release Tadao Ando designed "Chapel of the Wind" and "Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden autumn leaves" Bus tour [Go To travel business support target / capacity 17 people / bus 2 seats per person / actual payment: 5,800 yen]
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from October 24th (Sat) to November 15th (Sun) 2020 for a total of 9 days
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Mt. Rokko has been attractive for over a year Attraction od Rokkosan

Mt. Rokko is full of attractions such as views, nature, food and experiences.
We suggest how to enjoy Mt. Rokko in each season through various planning tours.

spring / spring

The spring breeze invites you to Mt. Mt. Rokko in spring, where the green buds are in full bloom. Comfortable spring breeze, chirping of birds, and taste of spring. Why don't you go on a trip to feel Mt. Rokko in spring with all five senses?


Very tempting
spring sweets

summer / summer

Easy access from the city!
To Mt. Rokko, a summer resort
Summer when you can feel the refreshing breeze at Mt. Rokko, where the temperature is about 5 ° C lower than the city. Especially recommended is the vast athletic facility with a total of 164 points. Refresh yourself by moving your body to the fullest with a variety of athletics that both adults and children can enjoy!


Let's relax with a

Recommended facilities

Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA

autumn / autumn

Go to Mt. Rokko to find various autumn Take a leisurely stroll through the alleys of red and yellow trees and the rose scent with a rich scent.
Touch music and contemporary art and enjoy gourmet foods and sweets made with autumn ingredients. Mt. Rokko in autumn is full of charm ♪


Enjoy the series
of art!

winter / winter

Feel free to experience winter leisure at Mt. Rokko! Rokko Mountain in winter where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow while being close to the city center! It's even more convenient to take a "direct bus" that is safe even if it snows. This season when the air is clear and the view and night view are the most beautiful. Don't miss the jewel-studded $10 million night view.


All you need is
just enjoy Ski and
We'll lend
you everything!


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