A log house-style souvenir shop surrounded by flowers

We have original miscellaneous goods centering on the flowers that bloom in the park, and plants and flower goods such as books.

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Image: Holding a lease making experience

Wreath making experience held

From October 10th, we have been holding a wreath making experience every day in the store.
You can make a natural wreath using the hydrangea and hydrangea harvested in the park.
Price: S size 650 yen ~ L size 1,650 yen ~
Reception hours: 10:00 to 16:00

Souvenir BEST3

  • Takayama Botanical Garden Guidebook
    Takayama Botanical Garden Guidebook

    ¥ 1,000 (tax excluded)

    A guidebook that summarizes the flowers planted in the garden according to the season. The latest version has been released since July 2017.
    You can use it for a full year. How about a companion to the exploration?

  • yamasanka pins
    yamasanka pins

    ¥ 400 (tax excluded)

    A pin badge of a brand of cute miscellaneous goods that you can only buy if you go to the mountains.
    Some patterns can only be purchased at Mt. Rokko.
    In addition, tenugui, carabiner, work gloves, etc.
    We have miscellaneous goods with a mountain motif.

Recommended products

  • Botanical garden original pin badge
    Botanical garden original pin badge

    ¥ 464 (tax excluded)

    A very cute pin badge with the bright colors of the Himalaya's popular blue poppies, Dicentra and Mizubasa.
    Perfect for accents on bags and hats!

  • Dried flower arrangement
    Dried flower arrangement

    From 630 yen (excluding tax)

    We have many high quality dried flower arrangements.
    From natural taste to gorgeous things,
    You can choose according to your room.

  • Original Tenugui (blue poppy of Himalayan)
    Original Tenugui (blue poppy of Himalayan)

    ¥ 1,500 (tax excluded)

    This is an original hand towel made in collaboration with Nijiyura, a brand of cast dyed towels.
    A gorgeous piece with the blue poppy of Himalayan trees in the rock garden as the motif!