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A convenient shop around Mt. Rokko and Kobe where you can quickly find souvenirs unique to local Hyogo. If you would like to buy souvenirs for your family, friends, or colleagues in the workplace, please click here.

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Popular products

  • Rokkoyama bee Yamamitsu "Yamamitsu Pie" is now on sale!
    Rokkoyama bee Yamamitsu "Yamamitsu Pie" is now on sale!

    537 yen (+ tax)

    A pie with a crispy texture that uses honey "Yamamitsu" collected by the bees from the flowers that bloom on Mt. Rokko. It has a rich sweet flavor and rich scent of yamamitsu that is loved by a wide range of generations from children to adults. One of the charms is the cute package that resembles a beehive. Limited items that can only be purchased here. Best for souvenirs!

  • Rokko beer
    Rokko beer

    600 yen each (+ tax)

    It is a craft beer in Kobe brewed with natural water that springs from the rock 50m underground of Mt. Rokko. Rokko Garden Terrace we have prepared three flavors of Pilsner, IPA (India Pale Ale), and Porter, with the original naming and label reflecting the image of Mt. Rokko.

  • Rokko Cable Car Original Strap
    Rokko Cable Car Original Strap

    Each 407 yen (+ tax)

    A cute original item with the Rokko Cable Car Car motif. Classic type (red) and retro type (green) vehicles are shaped with particular attention to detail. Perfect for commemorating your ride! Earrings with the same design are also available! (Earpick 380 yen)

  • Introducing a new label! Rokko mineral water cider
    Introducing a new label! Rokko mineral water cider

    241 yen each (plus tax)

    Deep underground at the foot of Mt. Nunobiki in Kobe, the beautiful granite layer of Mt. Rokko has used 100% of the naturally polished and clean spring water for many years.
    You can choose from two designs, "ripple" and "Japanese paper".


  • 甲南なだ甘酒


    左:無加糖250g 250円+税
    右:加糖360g 250円+税