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Reception hours in each area


Facility business hours 10: 00 ~ 17: 00

  • Variety athletic


    Open 10:00
    (Registration closes at 17:00)

    The reception closing time may change depending on the congestion situation.
    *Point 10 is currently closed.
  • Water athletic

    wonder amembo

    Open 10:00
    (Registration closes at 17:00)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Muscle Athletic

    de kairiki

    Open 10:00
    (Registration closes at 17:00)

  • Field athletic

    wonder yamambo


  • Mount King

    mt. king

    Open 10:00
    (Registration closes at 17:00)

  • Forest adventure

    mecya forest

    Open 10:15
    (Registration closes at 17:00)

    [Advance reservation system]FOREST / ZIP dedicated pageにてご確認ください。
  • Long zip slide

    zip slide

    (受付終了時間 16:00)

    [On the day, first come first served]FOREST / ZIP dedicated pageにてご確認ください。

Photo spots are appearing one after another in GREENIA!


Take a photo at Greenia's photo spot!
Wonder Yamambo is full of photogenic athletics! !!

Featured photo spot

Installation location: Next to the main gate, near the shower room, near Wonder Amenbo, at the entrance to Wonder Yamambo and inside the venue

In the 2022 season, there will be various photo spots such as a life-sized stretch panel in collaboration with the popular video creator "Fischer's", a monument with the three-dimensional GREENIA logo on the renewed Wonder Yamambo, and a sculpture of the official Greenia character Greenya reproduced by a chainsaw artist. New appearance! Take one of your memories at the powered-up Greenia photo spot 📸

SNS shine athletic

1. Take a picture with wall athletics!

Installation location: Yahui ⑫ "Dive into the game"

Wall athletics renewed with the theme of "overseas back alleys". The brick-like mural depicts a phantom thief and a policeman chasing after him. It's okay to take the whole picture, and it's also good for points. Check it out as both sides and back are also designed. Let's aim for a photo that looks good on SNS as if we were in the game screen!

2. Take a photo with Wonder Yamambo 

Installation location: Wonder Yamambo

In the 2022 season, the popular video creator "Fischer's" newly supervises Wonder Yamambo. Of the 22 points of athletics that have been renewed, 5 points are the ideas of the general public, who were selected as the Excellence Award at the event "Idea Contest" held last summer! There is no doubt that the athletics full of dreams will look great on Instagram. Let's aim for a photo opportunity with SNS shining athletics installed everywhere! !!

Grinha Extra Mission '22

Take photos and videos and participate in the SNS posting campaign!

You can get original novelty at the official shop GREENIA just by attaching #GREENIA and posting photos and videos on SNS!

Location: Official Shop Greenia

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