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Reception hours in each area


Facility business hours 10: 00 ~ 17: 00

  • Variety athletic


    (受付終了時間 17:00)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Water athletic

    wonder amembo

    (受付終了時間 17:00)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Muscle Athletic

    de kairiki

    (受付終了時間 17:00)

  • Field athletic

    wonder yamambo

    (受付終了時間 17:00)

  • Mount King

    mt. king

    (受付終了時間 16:30~17:00)

  • Forest adventure

    mecya forest

    Open 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
    (Reception end time 14:30)

    【事前予約制】本日の予約状況はFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.
  • Long zip slide

    zip slide

    Open 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
    (Reception end time 15:45)

    【当日先着受付制】営業状況の詳細はFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.
End campaign

Extra mission from Grinha


"Make Greenia a mess! 』\

A mission has arrived for adventurers from the Greenia character "Grinha"!
Its name is "Extra Mission from Greenha"!
Post a commemorative photo taken in the Greenia venue on SNS with the hashtag "#GREENIA"! Get a special gift!

Mission overview

Posting / Exchange Period April 3rd (Sat) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021
Regular holiday Thursday (Open on public holidays and summer vacation. Same as Greenia's business.)
Participation fee Free (Gurinia entrance fee is required.)
Exchange place official shop "Greenia" [PDF] Map in the hall

How to participate in the mission

1. Enter Greenia and take a photo in the hall
There are plenty of photo spots in Greenia! Take a commemorative photo at your favorite place!

2. Post photos to SNS with "# GREENIA"
Post the photos you took on SNS! Don't forget the hashtag "# GREENIA"!
Target SNS ... Any SNS with # (hashtag) such as Twitter / Facebook / Instagram is OK!

3. Show the posting screen and admission ticket to the shop staff
After completing the SNS posting, show the posting screen and admission ticket to the official shop Greenia store staff!

Check the location of the shop

4. Get a present!
If you get a redeemed stamp on the back of your admission ticket, choose the one you like from the two types of gifts!

・ GREENIA A5 clear file (left)
・ Sticker that can be attached to Fischer's smartphone (right)

* Please note that all of them will end as soon as they are sold out.


・ One redemption per person per admission. Please note that even if you post to multiple SNS, it will be redeemed once.
・ Admission ticket is required for redemption.
・ The number of gifts is limited. Please note that it will end without notice as soon as it runs out.
・ There is no problem with deleting posts after exchanging gifts, but Grinha will be disappointed.



Fischer's member stickers (different patterns) will be on sale at the official shop Greenia! For more informationClick herecheck!


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