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Rokko Information Center & Souvenir Shop

The information desk on the top of the mountain located inside the Rokko Cable Car "Rokko Sanjo" station. If you want to get information about Mt. Rokko, please click here. We also sell souvenirs and various tickets.

business hours
10: 00-18: 00
* Closed on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (December 31 (Thursday) -1/1 (Friday / holiday))

Regular holiday
*In case of bad weather, it may be temporarily closed or the time may be shortened.
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Souvenir BEST3

  • Rokko Cable Car Original Goods
    Rokko Cable Car Original Goods

    Strap / Keychain for each 440 yen, Earpick 380 yen

    A cute original item with the Rokko Cable Car Car motif.
    Classic type (red) and retro type (green) vehicles are shaped with particular attention to detail.
    Perfect for commemorating your ride!

  • Rokkoyama beer (wind, forest, light)
    Rokkoyama beer (wind, forest, light)

    650 yen each

    A local beer in Rokko, Kobe, brewed with natural water that springs from the rock 50m below the surface of Mt. Rokko.
    We offer three types of flavors: wind (pilsner), forest (IPA), and light (porter), with the naming and label reflecting the image of Mt. Rokko.
    Isn't it interesting to add a Rokkosan beer strap (380 yen) that realistically reproduces the bubbles of beer into a gift?

  • Rokko postcard
    Rokko postcard

    From 100 yen

    We have prepared postcards with beautiful pictures of the night view from Mt. Rokko, watercolors and prints of the Rokko Cable Car car and facilities on the mountain. There is a post box in front of Rokko Cable Car Yamagami Station, so why not send it as a memorial to your trip, or send it to someone who is important to you with your thoughts.