“Kobe Musical Box”

Local brand "“Kobe Musical Box”" developed by Rokko International Musical Box Museum. It was born from the idea of "I want to propose a lifestyle with musical box." and the research and technology of the museum. You can also make only one bespoke musical box in the world. In 2013, it was certified as "Kobe Selection 7" as a product unique to Kobe.

Very popular! Anniversary Bears 365

Very popular! Anniversary Bears 365

You can make a musical box is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries by selecting the song & Kuma-chan (Mon) & Hat (Sun) and adding a message with the name tag!
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3,800 yen + tax

The original arrangement is about 300 songs. When you order a case and a piece of music, the craftsmen will carefully make each one. The "combs" that produce sound are hand-tuned by craftsmen who are particular about the tone, and pursue a beautiful-sounding musical box.

“Kobe Musical Box” Order Made 18N, you can easily make a custom-made musical box that plays the standard 18 notes. Our staff will arrange the songs you ordered. Since each customer arranges different arrangements, it is a unique arrangement not found anywhere else.

Full-made, one rank higher in tone, quality, and arrangement. Since there are about 1.7 times more notes than a general musical box that uses 30 tones, a richer arrangement is possible. Skilled and professional staff makes each one by hand like a 19th century musical box craftsman.

"Musical Box Workshop in advanced course", build up in your own hand musical box is. The craftsmen carefully teach you from the assembly of small parts to the important process of determining the tone, "comb assembly", so you can create a high-quality musical box.