Born of mountain-raised bees
Rokko Bee Yamamitsu

Rokko-yama bees produced by mountain-grown honeybees Yamamitsu "Yamamitsu" is honey grown in mountains. Please enjoy the taste of honey collected by bees from the flowers that bloom on Mt. Rokko, which is blessed with pure water and abundant soil.

The characteristics of Mt. Rokko honey

Highly pure and clear taste

Highly pure and clear taste

"Mt. Rokko Bee Yamamitsu (Acacia honey)" is characterized by its beautiful clear color.
It features a clear color and taste that stands out even compared to other domestic acacia honey.

A source of honey from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain

A source of honey from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain

At the foot of the mountain at an early stage, the source of nectar gradually spreads toward the summit, so you can collect nectar from a variety of flowers for a long period. We will deliver this as "Rokko Mountain Bee Yamamitsu".

The rich nature of Mt. Rokko nurtures

The rich nature of Mt. Rokko nurtures

Please enjoy the blessings brought about by the rich nature of the vegetation rather than the environment where the fields are maintained by humans.


Story until Rokko bee and honey bee are made

Bees are familiar creatures that teach us the richness of nature. The environment where bees can live comfortably is a place where people and other animals can live comfortably. We will deliver honey grown in the rich nature of Mt. Rokko.

The bees tell their friends where the delicious nectar is, while doing a "swing dance" in a figure eight.

The nest board is full of honey collected by bees.

It is easy to remove honey by scraping the "beeswax" that covers the nest board with a knife.

Turn the handle with a centrifuge and you'll see golden honey!

The bottled honey has a natural taste. Yamamitsu is also used in cooking, sweets, and cosmetics.

A lineup of Yamamitsu flavors that spreads with a smile

Rokko bee<br>Yamamitsu &lt;Acacia honey&gt;

Rokko bee
Yamamitsu <Acacia honey>

price120g: 1,000 yen + tax

Rare honey from acacia flowers that bloom on Mt. Rokko in early summer. A refreshing and elegant taste.
* Acacia honey from Mt. Rokko is a very valuable honey that is harvested in about two weeks around the end of May.

Rokko bee<br>Yamamitsu &lt;Hyakka Nectar&gt;

Rokko bee
Yamamitsu <Hyakka Nectar>

price120g: 907 yen + tax

Honey collected by bees from various flowers blooming on Mt. Rokko. Rich and gorgeous taste.
* Hundred flower nectar is honey that is a mixture of various flower nectar.

Rokko bee<br>Yamamitsu pie

Rokko bee
Yamamitsu pie

price70g: 537 yen + tax

A crispy pie baked with plenty of honey "Yamamitsu" collected by bees from the flowers blooming on Mt. Rokko.

&lt;New product&gt; Yamamitsu Drops

<New product> Yamamitsu Drops

price400 yen (tax included)

We used plenty of honey "Yamamitsu" collected by bees from the flowers blooming on Mt. Rokko. Please enjoy the gentle taste that makes the best use of the natural flavor without using fragrances.

Natural yamamitsu cosmetics

Honey that is gentle on the skin

Honey that has high moisturizing power and can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.
We will deliver cosmetics that are carefully made with all natural materials, including plenty of "Mt. Rokko bees and honeybees".
It is a gentle feeling that makes daily care fun.
* The prices of the following products are as of March 2021.

Rokko bee<br>Yamamitsu Lip Gloss

Rokko bee
Yamamitsu Lip Gloss

price10g: 1,852 yen + tax

A rich blend of Yamamitsu and Vitamin E, with castor oil as the main ingredient. Handmade gloss made from 100% natural materials for moist and plump lips!

Shop where you can buy Yamamitsu products

Rokko Garden Terrace



A shop full of fashionable items such as organic foods, artist miscellaneous goods, aroma goods, and so on.

Rokko Souvenir Shop

Rokko Souvenir Shop

A convenient shop around Mt. Rokko and Kobe where you can quickly find souvenirs unique to local Hyogo.


Rokko Cable Car Yamagami Station

Shop 737 Rokko Yuzan Information Center

Shop 737 Rokko Yuzan Information Center

Information & souvenir shop on Rokkosan.


Hanshin Electric Railway Honeybee Project

What is the "Hanshin Electric Railway Honeybee Project"?

The Hanshin Electric Railway Honeybee Project, which produces honey by utilizing the idle land of Mt. Rokko, which is rich in nature, started in 2012. This is an initiative aimed at creating a natural environment where honeybees, known as environmental indicator organisms, can continue to live in good health, and along the Hanshin line, where the smiles of those who eat delicious honey are overflowing.

Honey production: (Yes) Baled apiary [Higashinada Ward, Kobe City]