What is Shidare Museum?

Works by various artists will be exhibited on the stage of the observatory with a maximum altitude of 888m, Rokuko Shidare! See, hear, touch, and take pictures of art works! It is an event that both adults and children can enjoy.
At night, you can enjoy the night view of 10 million dollars with illumination. Please enjoy the world of art that spreads out on the mountain.



20th anniversary TV commercial now on sale!

Broadcasting station: Mainichi Broadcasting, Yomiuri Television, Television Osaka (Kansai only)
Broadcast period: 4/18 ~
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Event overview

  • Holding period

    March 18, 2023 - January 8, 2024

  • business hours

    *From November 24th to January 8th, open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (reception closes at 17:30) and from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekends (reception closes at 19:30).

  • venue

    Rokko-Shidare Observatory

  • admission fee

    Adults (middle school students and above) 1,000 yen / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) 500 yen
    *Children 0 to 3 years old are free.

rock weeping

art observatory

The official name of the Rokko Shidare, the venue for the Weeping Museum, is the “Rokko-Shidare Observatory”.
Completed in 2010, designed by architect Hiroshi Sambuichi. It was designed to unravel the mechanism of natural circulation and the history of Mt. Rokko, and to experience the nature of Mt. Rokko itself as art. Please enjoy the observatory made of hinoki cypress from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, along with art works.

Click here for details on "Nature Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare"

Nature Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare Designer

Shunichi Hiroshi

An architect based in Hiroshima. With a consistent theme of how architecture can become a part of the earth, he advocates "details of the earth." His representative work, Inujima Seirensho Art Museum, won the 2010 Japan Architecture Award and the 2011 Architectural Institute of Japan Award.



Introduction of exhibited works

  • Tomomi Kimura

    Artist 01

    Tomomi Kimura

  • Youdou Saito

    Artist 02

    Youdou Saito

  • Yoshihiro Sagawa

    Artist 03

    Yoshihiro Sagawa

  • Sugiyama Brothers

    Artist 04

    Sugiyama Brothers

  • Mizuguchi Gucci

    Artist 05

    Mizuguchi Gucci

  • Saigetsu

    Artist 06


  • Yukino Ohmura

    Artist 07

    Yukino Ohmura

  • Yokoyamamura

    Artist 08


  • Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

    Artist 09

    Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

  • Gaku Ogaki

    Artist 10

    Gaku Ogaki

  • Masayuki Fushimi

    Artist 11

    Masayuki Fushimi

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum



    Under the theme of "gardens and landscapes where you can reconfirm the beauty of plants and the richness of nature", we are engaged in design and planting activities. “A garden is not built in a day.” I would like to convey the importance of continuing to grow a garden.

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum



    Born in Tokyo on September 3, 1983. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Shakujii School for the Deaf. Received the 33rd Canon New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award. In 2011, he published a photo book “Kando”, and in 2019, the sequel “Kando,” (Akakasha). It features photographs taken directly facing the subject, transcending all types and boundaries.

    note: https://note.com/saitoharumichi

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Contemporary artistTakahiroSagawa

    Incorporating characters that pop out into the distance, which are found in manga expressions, and presenting phenomena related to emotions and communication through various expressions such as three-dimensional modeling and performances. In 2014, he won the Rokko Meets Art Grand Prix semi-grand prix for "Breast Earthenware".

    Author official SNS

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Soap bubbleartistSUGIYAMABROTHERS

    The brother unit of Hiroyuki Sugiyama and Teruyuki Sugiyama, who started the world's first "soap bubble show". Acquired many soap bubble world records. For more than 50 years, he has continued to impress children and adults with his soap bubbles.

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@savonsugiyama

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum



    At one time, he was a musician in the big band ``Akainu'', at one time the street performance music troupe ``Minimamus'', and at other times the singing group ``Micromus''. He is also an entertainer who does artwork such as manga, illustrations, paper cutouts and murals! thx. This is Mizuguchi Gucci.

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum



    An illustrator who creates works based on the motif of actual places, with the theme of "Scenery seen by someone". The scenery drawn in pastel colors is somewhat nostalgic, and the mysterious view of the world that makes you feel as if you have wandered into a parallel world expands the world of the viewer.

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Contemporary artistYukinoOhmura

    With the desire to make art more familiar, she creates paintings that express night views and landscapes using round stationery stickers that can be easily pasted. A contemporary artist active in presenting works both in Japan and overseas. He is expanding the range of his activities, such as serving as a circle sticker art lecturer on a TV program.

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    20 year old college studentYokoyaShimamura

    An art unit of Waka Yokoya and Momoko Shimamura formed in response to requests for artists of the same age (20 years old) to exhibit at Rokko Garden Terrace which celebrates its 20th anniversary. Hatachi is said to be an adult, but he is still a child inside. Please take a look at our fresh works.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waka_yokoya

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momo100_s

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    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Electronic musicianHirotaka Shirotsubaki

    Electronic musician from Kobe City. Memories of the city of Kobe, where he was born and lived, and the scenery in his mind are unraveled and rewoven into abstract music. In 2018, he released an album from the Spanish label "ARCHIVES", and his fans are spreading overseas.

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Art directorGakuOgaki

    Gaku Ogaki, representative of the creative studio "Ashita no Shikaku", which transcends and fuses design and art ice chamber will exhibit a light installation work on the theme of the nature of Mt. Video production cooperation: SYNCHROTRON

  • Look, listen, touch!
    Experience art!
    Shidare Museum


    Light-upartistMasayuki Fushimi

    Acts as a tool of expression that enriches life by coloring everyday spaces and urban spaces through light. Worked on lighting up the weeping rocks for 12 years since opening. A soft light-up program that is conscious of harmony with nature envelops facility users in gentle light.



  • Workshop 1

    #ROKKO Let's make a tote bag

    Draw your favorite color or picture on the coloring book of artist Yoshihiro Sagawa's work "# ROKKO" and print it on the tote bag on the spot! Let's make only one original tote bag in the world!

    • Participation fee

      1,500 yen (with tote bag, coloring book, and crayons)
    • Venue

      Horti store
    • Holding period

      Horti business days (reception possible until 1 hour before the store closes)
    • way to participate

      If you wish to use it, please ask Horti store staff.
  • Workshop 2


    Visitors to Rokko Shidare will be asked to put a "stationery circle sticker" on it to draw the four seasons of Mt. Rokko. Let's complete a huge picture using more than 10,000 round stickers!


    (The image shows the Shidare Museum in 2022.)

    • Participation fee

      Free (You can participate only with the Rokko Shidare entrance fee. Adults 1,000 yen / children 500 yen)
    • Venue

      Rokko-Shidare Observatory "Corridor"
    • Holding period

      Spring: From Saturday, March 18, 2023
      Summer: From Thursday, June 1, 2023
      Autumn: From Friday, September 1, 2023
      Winter: From Friday, November 24, 2023
      * During each session, it will end as soon as the work is completed. Please enjoy viewing the work after completion.
    • way to participate

      First-come-first-served basis locally. Please participate in the creation of works by making concessions with each other.

And More

More workshops will be held!


light up

Lightscape in ROKKO Shokubutsu no Akari

At Rokko Shidare, the light show "Lightscape in ROKKO Shokubutsu no Akari" by artist Masayuki Fushimi will be held at night time! Please enjoy the soft and gentle light-up with the motif of the plants that grow naturally on Mt. Rokko.

  • Holding period

    March 18, 2023 (Sat) - January 8, 2024 (Mon/holiday)
    *From November 24th (Fri) to January 8th (Mon/holiday) during the winter season, the event is held only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
    *No event on December 31st (Sunday) and January 1st (Monday/holiday).
    Click here for details on the annual schedule