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As an official shop of "Kobe Selection", mainly products such as food, miscellaneous goods, and clothing selected by "Kobe Selection", as well as "Kobe Beppin Monogatari Project" and "5-star Hyogo" selected products, Hyogo and Kobe We handle products that are full of local charm, nurtured by the culture and culture of.

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KOBE + recommended souvenirs

  • Rokkoyama bee Yamamitsu "Yamamitsu Pie" is now on sale!
    Rokkoyama bee Yamamitsu "Yamamitsu Pie" is now on sale!

    537 yen (+ tax)

    A pie with a crispy texture that uses honey "Yamamitsu" collected by the bees from the flowers that bloom on Mt. Rokko. It has a rich sweet flavor and rich scent of yamamitsu that is loved by a wide range of generations from children to adults. One of the charms is the cute package that resembles a beehive. Limited items that can only be purchased here. Best for souvenirs!

  • KOBE perfume story
    KOBE perfume story

    7,480 yen

    Three types of perfume series created with the image of Kobe's famous places (Port town, Kitano, Mt. Rokko). A perfume from Kobe that uses the highest quality natural fragrance.

  • Daichakai Matcha carbonated rice cracker
    Daichakai Matcha carbonated rice cracker

    950 yen

    Matcha's carbonated spring rice cracker was used as an idea for the Arima Daichakai, which is held in November every year at Arima Onsen in honor of Hideyoshi Taiko.

  • Organic cotton ladies inner LUCO
    Organic cotton ladies inner LUCO

    Tank top 7,700 yen / Shorts 5,500 yen

    * Kobe Selection 9 certification *
    Stress-free skin is achieved by using the double-structured fluffy air gauze fabric made of Japanese organic cotton and exposing the seam allowance to the outside. It is perfect for innerwear in the summer. The unique vivid color of organic cotton is unique!

Recommended for October

  • Senhime-sama's Princess Potato
    Senhime-sama's Princess Potato

    1 piece 200 yen + tax 3 pieces 640 yen + tax

    "Japanese-style sweet potato" with a rich flavor that uses whole Naruto Kintoki potatoes and plenty of fresh eggs and fresh cream. Because it uses rice powder, it has a light taste and is sure to please everyone from the elderly to children!

  • Amabie Kawara Sembei (2 pieces)
    Amabie Kawara Sembei (2 pieces)

    200 yen + tax

    The popular youkai Amabie has become a Kawara Sembei. Amabie is said to predict a good harvest and plague, and there is a legend that he returned to the sea saying, "If you get sick, show me a copy of me." It's perfect for this time of year, so why not give it as a small gift to your family and friends?

  • Postage stamp dwarf
    Postage stamp dwarf

    800 yen + tax

    A stamp dwarf is a stamp used in combination with a stamp. You can add a little story to your letters and postcards. There are 3 types of patterns related to Kobe, such as a dwarf looking at the cityscape of Kobe! It is also recommended as a souvenir from Kobe.

Held every day Handmade experience!

  • New appearance! Mini aqua pen handmade experience
    New appearance! Mini aqua pen handmade experience

    Basic charge 440 yen ~ (with glass sand)

    Put your favorite glass work and glass sand in a slightly thick pen and pour the liquid, and your own aquarium is completed in no time!

    Glass work requires an additional charge. From ¥330 each
    [Time required] About 10 minutes
    [Reception hours] 11:00-17:00

  • Punipuni candle handmade experience
    Punipuni candle handmade experience

    Basic charge 880 yen ~ (with vessel and sand) Glass work requires a separate charge. From ¥ 330 each

    You can make your own original candles by combining your favorite glasswork and pouring gel candles! It is also popular for commemorating the visit to Mt. Rokko and free research projects. How about making wonderful memories?
    [Time required] About 30 minutes ~ (It will take about 30 minutes for the jelly to solidify after production.)
    [Reception hours] 11: 00-17: 00