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Reception hours in each area


施設営業時間 臨時休業日

  • Variety athletic


    Temporary closing days

  • Water athletic

    wonder amembo

    Temporary closing days

  • Muscle Athletic

    de kairiki

    Temporary closing days

  • Field athletic

    wonder yamambo

    Temporary closing days

  • Mount King

    mt. king

    Temporary closing days

  • Forest adventure

    mecya forest

    Temporary closing days

    【事前予約制】6/14(金)以降の予約状況はFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.
  • Long zip slide

    zip slide

    Temporary closing days

    【当日先着受付制】営業状況の詳細はFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.

Enjoy GREENIA at a great value with the Season Pass!


If you want to enjoy Greenier a lot in the 2024 season, we recommend the season pass!
You can play the entire season for the price of about 3 admissions!


Adults: 8,400 yen(5,400 yen)
Student: 7,050 yen(4,550 yen)
Elementary school students: 5,700 yen(3,700 yen)
Preschoolers: 4,350 yen(2,850 yen)
* () Is the amount when purchasing the Season Pass by the difference on the day after purchasing the GREENIA ticket.


The amount classification as of the purchase date will be applied.
Example: Those who have not entered junior high school at the time of purchase on March 16, 2024 ⇒Elementary school season pass
Example: Those who are enrolled in junior high school at the time of purchase on April 10, 2024 ⇒Student Season Pass
*University students (junior college students, vocational students, graduate students, etc.) must present their student ID to purchase a student season pass.

As a general rule, payment for the difference in the Season Pass is only available in cash. If you would like to use a credit card, please contact the staff.

Sale / validity period

[2024 season]

Sales: March 16, 2024 (Sat) - October 30, 2024 (Wed)
Validity period: March 16, 2024 (Sat) - November 17, 2024 (Sun)
*Cannot be used on Greenier holidays. Closed: Thursdays, June 10th (Monday) - June 12th (Wednesday) *Open on May 2nd (Thursday), holidays and summer vacation

Sales location

Sold at the ticket vending machine next to the Mecha Forest Zip Slide reception
* We will take a photo to be attached to the season pass at the time of purchase.

Buyer benefits






Rokko Garden Terrace

1000万ドルとして有名な夜景や、自然体感展望台 六甲枝垂れが楽しめるエリアです。

Rokko Morinone Museum

Reopened in the summer of 2021. You can spend a relaxing day surrounded by the nature of the four seasons and the beautiful sounds of the musical box.

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

A facility that takes advantage of the cool climate of Mt. Rokko, where you can enjoy rare alpine plants that are not usually seen in a near-wild state. A guided tour of the park by the staff is also recommended.




[About purchaser benefits]
・Valid only during the season pass validity period. (2024 season is from 2024/3/16 to 11/17)
・Please note that regular holidays vary depending on each facility and store.
・Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other sales/campaigns.
・Please be sure to bring your season pass on the day of use. If you forget it (you don't have it with you), you will not be able to use it.
・The ticket cannot be used by anyone other than the person with the signature and photo attached.
・If unauthorized use is discovered, the season pass will be confiscated and future admission will be refused.

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