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Image: Tinga Tinga Art Original Painting Exhibition

Tinga Tinga Art Original Painting Exhibition

Little Horti, the Tinginga Art Art Exhibition is being held! Why don't you color the summer with African art, which is different from the world view of Alice in Wonderland, in the lively shop?
We will exhibit and sell the original paintings of Tingatinga Art, a painting of Tanzania in East Africa that dynamically depicts the animals of the savanna. Enjoy the vibrant and colorful world created from only 6 colors of enamel paint♪ We also recommend the colorful large-sized cloth, kanga!
Original frame S: 15,000 yen + tax M: 27,000 yen + tax L: 85,000 yen + tax

Recommended for summer

  • Kanga cloth
    Kanga cloth

    From 2,800 yen + tax

    A large African accessory with a bold pattern. It is a convenient and versatile piece.
    Kanga cloth…2,800 yen + tax

  • Alpine Girl Heidi Goods
    Alpine Girl Heidi Goods

    From 380 yen + tax

    A popular anime based on the story of Switzerland, Heidi's goods are available. There are many things that you would want to collect, such as stuffed animals and stationery. At Heidi lottery, you will definitely get a Joseph stuffed animal!
    Plush outing Yuki-chan... 1,600 yen + tax
    Ballpoint pen...480 yen + tax
    Roll sticker...680 yen + tax
    Memo...380 yen + tax
    Handkerchief towel...500+tax~
    Plump can badge...480 yen + tax
    Pin badge…680 yen + tax
    Heidi lottery…1,000 yen (tax included)

  • Sheep sean goods
    Sheep sean goods

    260 yen + tax ~

    The same British-born animation as Alice and the Sean goods of sheep are also included in the group.
    Plush pouch...¥1,580+tax
    Bead chain…¥800+tax
    Sean Mascot...¥1,200+tax
    Masking tape...480 yen + tax
    Curing tape...750 yen + tax
    Mini memo pad...260 yen + tax
    Marshmallow seal...¥300+tax