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[Saturdays and Sundays only] Mt. Rokko Adventure School Camp 2023


A special plan where you can experience camping in Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA!
All camping equipment is provided, so even first-timers can feel at ease! It is an accommodation camp plan that you can participate in with parents and children and friends. Would you like to try camping on Mt. Rokko for the first time?

Every Saturday and Sunday from April 1st to November 19th from 12:00
*Cancelled in case of rain

Implementation location
Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA
* After all programs are completed, it will be dissolved at Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA.

Highlights of programming
・Dinner at a BBQ where you can bring your own ingredients
・Astronomical observation using an "astronomical telescope" (free time at night)
・Bonfire (free time at night)
・Equipped with coin-operated shower room (200 yen/5 minutes)
* "Astronomical Telescope" and "Bonfire" may be canceled due to the weather on the day.

Entry fee
Adult: 19,800 yen
Student: 18,000 yen
Elementary school students: 13,000 yen
Pre-school children (4-6 years old): 11,000 yen
(Program experience, accommodation, ingredients, camping equipment rental, Greenia entrance fee included)

Details / Reservation
Jalan HP

Up to 8 groups (up to 5 people per group)


Preparation for the day

・ Short sleeves or long sleeves on the top + thin long sleeves that can be worn on the top
・ Underneath are long pants or support tights, spats, leggings and shorts, etc.
・ Socks are longer than the ankle

What to bring (accommodation) 

・ Sneakers (sneakers that match the size of your feet)
・ Rainwear (measures against rain such as kappa)
・ Zack (easy-to-move rucksack)
・ Accommodation set
・ Towels such as bath towels

·Face towel
・ Drinks (about 500ml PET bottles. There are vending machines along the way)
・ Sweet things such as candy
・ Sunshade hat
・ Insect repellent
・ Mask (please prepare a spare)


Reservation / inquiry

Reservations can be made from the Nap/Jalan page. *Payment will be made in advance only.
Jalan HP(First-come-first-served basis until 17:00 two days before the date of use)

Contact Us
If you have any questions, such as those who are new to trekking or camping, please feel free to contact us at the email address below.
* We also accept groups of 15 or more people.

問合せ先 : rokko-school@sa-ps.jp

Organizer: Sappusu Co., Ltd.


・ The content of the event may change due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Please note.
・ On holidays, Rokko Cable Car is very crowded, so please gather with plenty of time.
・ The goal of trekking on Mt. Rokko is "Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA".
・ Due to bad weather such as typhoons and heavy rain, the event may be canceled the day before the tour (determined at 17:00 in the evening). In that case, no cancellation fee will be charged. In addition, even if it rains enough to hold the event, the route may be changed if there are fallen trees or cliffs on the mountain road. Please note from the viewpoint of ensuring safety. In that case, no refund will be given.
・ The minimum number of performers is 3 or more. If the number of participants does not reach the number of participants, it will be canceled (in that case, we will contact you after 17:00 two days before the event).
・ Cancellation on Jalan net is until 12:00 two days ago. (After that, please contact the facility directly to cancel)

* Preventive measures against new coronavirus infections *

Please check here for the measures against infectious diseases at this facility.


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