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Reception hours in each area


Facility business hours Closed days

  • Variety athletic



  • Water athletic

    wonder amembo


    *We are closed today.
  • Muscle Athletic

    de kairiki


    *We are closed today.
  • Field athletic

    wonder yamambo


    *We are closed today.
  • Mount King

    mt. king


    *We are closed today.
  • Forest adventure

    mecya forest


    *We are closed today.
    [Advance reservation required] Today's reservation status isFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.
  • Long zip slide

    zip slide


    *We are closed today.
    [First-come, first-served basis] For details on business status, please seeFOREST / ZIP dedicated pagePlease check at.




Convenience store tickets are now on sale at Lawson and Ministop nationwide!


Convenience store ticket sales for Greenia admission tickets will start from 3/11 (Sat.)!

You can purchase it by entering the product number on the dedicated terminal (Loppi) of Lawson and Ministop nationwide.

If you purchase a ticket in advance, you can enter without waiting in line to purchase a ticket!
This ticket can be used on any day during the 2023 season. Please use all means.


Convenience store ticket summary

Rochike HPHereYou can see it from.

handling ticketRokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA Admission Ticket

L code 51567

Sales locationLoppi, a dedicated terminal for Lawson and Ministop nationwide

Sales periodMarch 11, 2023 (Sat) 10:00 to November 19, 2023 (Mon) 12:00

Period of useSaturday, March 18, 2023 to Sunday, November 19, 2023
Closed: Thursdays, June 12th (Mon) - 14th (Wed) *Open on national holidays and summer vacation

Selling priceAdults ¥3,000 / Students ¥2,500 / Elementary school students ¥2,000 / Preschoolers ¥1,500
*University students (junior college students, vocational students, graduate students, etc.) should present their student ID cards to the gate staff.
* Preschoolers are 4 to 6 years old. Children 3 and under are free.



・On busy days, the line for advance ticket purchasers may be long. Thank you for your understanding.
・In addition to the ticket purchase line, there may be a "advance ticket purchaser line" before the opening of the busy day. The staff will check the number of tickets and the number of people, so please be together and wait.
・Refunds cannot be made for any reason after purchase.

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