Barbecue place (reservation required)

Right from the city center! Feel free to enjoy authentic BBQ! ! [About 60 minutes from Osaka / about 30 minutes from Kobe]

Usage time (all seats are reserved for one day)

10:00 to 16:00 (14:00 acceptance end)


usage fee

Less than 15 600 yen / person
15 people or more 550 yen / person
100 people or more 450 yen / person

*A separate admission fee of 700 yen for adults and 350 yen for children is required to use the Rokkosan Country House.

* Children aged 0 to 3 are free of charge for entrance and usage.

Feel free to barbecue
3 Two points

Because it is a complete rental, you can leave it empty-handed!

We have a full range of charcoal fire stoves to cassette stoves! Of course, equipment such as work gloves and ignition agents can be rented as a set! You can also rent pots and plates for free!

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Ingredients are also available for those who wish!

We offer a variety of menus, from general barbecue sets to discerning outdoor rice dishes that use Dutch ovens! Enjoy each banquet style! * Ingredients must be reserved by 17:00 the day before.

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A fully equipped facility environment with a garbage dump and toilets!

No need to worry about cleaning up unexpectedly! Please feel free to use the garbage dump in the area! There is also a clean toilet that you can't think of as a mountain restroom ♪ Enjoy a barbecue in the spacious area!

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You can also enjoy outdoor cooking!

[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only] Eat freshly baked pizza in a stone kiln!

The pizza cooked using the special stone kiln in the park is a full-fledged pizza that is crispy outside and chewy inside.

Pizza 1,600 yen (including stone kiln usage fee) Mixed pizza dough 24 cm / Margherita dough 24 cm / Snowy dessert pizza dough 24 cm
  • You can experience serving and baking.
  • Entrance fee and barbecue fee are required separately
  • Reservation required by 17:00 business day before the day of use

Area information

  • Rainy weather OK
  • Large group OK

Covered area 56 tables (1 table 4 seats)

The number of seats has increased significantly after the renewal! In the new area, there is also a view spot where you can see the pond in the park beautifully! Rainy days and summer sunshine are also safe! * In strong winds, rain may come in. * To prevent the new corona virus, we will open at intervals between tables. (Usually 112 tables)

  • Large group OK
  • Recommended for families

Sunbeams area 20 tables (1 table 6 seats)

In the nature unique to Mt. Rokko, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, this area is recommended! The warm sun shines in between the trees swaying in the wind! Excellent sense of openness ♪ * All areas through sunbeams are outdoors. * May not be available in rainy weather. * To prevent the new corona virus, we will open at intervals between tables. (Normally 26 tables)

  • Pet OK

Doggie area 9 tables (1 table 6 seats)

The only area where you can enjoy barbecue with your dog! Please spend a special barbecue time with the whole family! * All dog areas are outdoor areas. * Be sure to attach the lead. * If you do not request to use the dog area at the time of booking, you cannot take the dog. * May not be available in rainy weather


Paid rental equipment, firewood / charcoal sale

BBQ stove small (3 kg charcoal, ignition agent, with net, for 2 to 3 people) 1,150 yen
BBQ stove large (charcoal 3 kg, ignition agent, net, 4 to 6 people) 1,650 yen
Cassette stove (iron plate, with one gas cylinder, for 3 to 4 people) 600 yen
1 electric rice cooker 500 yen
1 bunch of firewood (used for rice cooks) 800 yen
Charcoal 1 box 3kg (used in Dutch oven etc.) 500 yen

Free rental equipment

Kitchen knife / Chopping board / Rice pan / Frying pan / Body / Kettle / Peeler Dutch oven free
◎ All free rental equipment will be rented at the reception counter. When returning it, please clean it at the washing place and return it to the reception counter. ◎ Dutch oven rental free! Use it freely and enjoy the real outdoors! * The number is limited, so please let us know when you make your reservation.

Items to be prepared by the customer

・ Ingredients (meat, vegetables, etc.) ・ Seasoning (sauce, sauce, oil, etc.) ・ Plates / chopsticks
* Rice and drinks are sold at the shop's green leaf shop. * There are also barbeques, paper plates and paper cups for sale at the barbecue reception.


  • You can bring your own stove and fuel. However, you can only bring in a tabletop stove. (Long-legged types cannot be used)
  • Please refrain from bringing in electric devices such as rice cookers.
  • Please refrain from bringing in tents, parasols, chairs, etc.

About reservation

  • Please decide the content and make a reservation. ① Date ② Number of users ③ Arrival time ④ Availability of rental ⑤ Presence of ordering ingredients
  • When ordering ingredients, please make a reservation by 17:00 the previous business day, both online and by phone.
  • If you would like an area, please let us know when you make your reservation. If you do not request your desired seat, all reservations will be made in the sunbeams area.
  • When using the barbecue written oath Please fill in. You can use it smoothly by printing it out in advance and entering it.

Click here for reservations for groups of 15 people or more


We accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis until 17:00 on the business day before the day of use.


  • The doggie area and sunbeams area may not be available on rainy days.
  • Seating locations will be specified on the day of arrival.
  • Reservation system, first come first serve
  • In case of cancellation, please contact us by phone by 17:00 the previous business day. Also, if you have ordered the ingredients, please note that you will have to purchase the ingredients if you cancel after 17:00 the previous business day.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the BBQ area. There is a smoking space in front of a nearby toilet, so please use that space.
    • access

  • ● If you come by car
  • Please come aiming for "Rokkosan Country House".
  • Parking lot: Approximately 800 cars, 500 yen per day (free on weekdays except during busy season) (1,000 yen during busy season such as GW and Obon)
  • Rokkosan Country House (45112-98 Kita Rokko, Rokkoyama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0101)
  • ● When you come by public transportation
  • Rokko Sanjo Bus Please come to the "Kantree House" stop. From Hankyu Rokko Station station, Hanshin Mikage station, JR Rokkomichi station, take the city bus, Rokko Cable Car, Rokko Sanjo Bus and arrive.
  • For more information, This page Please refer to the.