Green leaf

Shop "Green Leaf"

A mini shop in the park with a takeaway corner and a shop corner. Please have a weekday meal here! !
At the shop corner, alcohol is sold mainly for toys and PET bottle drinks that can be played in the park.
The foot of Rokko original milk soft serve ice cream is only sold here in the park! Please come and visit us! !

business hours
Regular holiday
Thursdays (holidays, 4/30, 7 / 23-8 / 27, 10 / 1-11 / 19 open)
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Souvenir BEST3

  • (Left) Ushi cookie (Right) Sheep cookie
    (Left) Ushi cookie (Right) Sheep cookie

    540 yen

    It's a cute cookie with a big face, about 16 cm in diameter.
    Popular as a souvenir for children! !

Classic menu

  • Kobe Nagata Bokkake Yakisoba
    Kobe Nagata Bokkake Yakisoba

    550 yen

    It is a B-class gourmet that is entwined with Kobe's famous "Bokkake," which is a thick, chewy, thick noodle with a spicy spicy thick sauce and beef tendon stewed in sweet and soy sauce.

Alcohol is on sale! !

  • Kobe Wine Mini Glass Red / White (120ml)
    Kobe Wine Mini Glass Red / White (120ml)

    310 yen each

    It is an authentic wine that you can drink immediately after opening the lid.
    You can use it as a souvenir or as a glass after drinking ♪