Entrance shop "Clover"

The main store of the Kantree House next to the central entrance. We sell original Rokko Mountain and souvenirs and miscellaneous goods with a lot of Kobe feeling.
We have drinks and ice cream as well as souvenirs from Mt. Rokko in Kobe. Please enjoy it!

business hours
10:00 to 16:30 (depending on the season and weather)
Regular holiday
Thursday (Open on public holidays, 4/30, 7/23-8/27, 10/1-11/19) *Same as the Rokkosan Country House Treehouse
Contact Us
078-891-0366 (Rokkosan Country House)

Souvenir BEST3

  • Rokko original cheesecake
    Rokko original cheesecake

    900 yen

    It is a cheesecake with a diameter of about 18 cm that uses milk from the foot of Rokko. It can be stored at room temperature, so it is convenient to take home!

  • WELCOME Rokko Mountain (S) 12 pieces
    WELCOME Rokko Mountain (S) 12 pieces

    756 yen

    A delicious chocolate crunch is included in a package designed for the night view of Mt. Rokko. Since the inner bag also has a design, it is ideal as a souvenir.

  • Rokko ranch cheese grilled donut
    Rokko ranch cheese grilled donut

    760 yen

    Roasted donuts using Camembert cheese from Rokkosan Ranch. It is individually packed and contains 6 pieces.

Seasonal recommended goods

  • Hydrangea goods
    Hydrangea goods

    (Room spray) 842 yen (Popuri oil) 734 yen

    Feel the coolness of the hydrangea scent and be healed.