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February 10, 2023 |Press release

Rokko Meets Art Art Walk 2023 “beyond” New measures aimed at becoming a representative art festival in Kansai ~Recruitment of public works plans will start from March 20 (Monday)~

Mt. ROKKO CABLE CAR & TOURISM COMPANY (Headquarters: Kobe City, President: Kimihiko Teranishi) will start from Saturday, August 26, 2023 to November.

The contemporary art festival Rokko Meets Art Walk 2023 “beyond” will be held until the 23rd (Thursday / holiday).

This year, with the support of Kobe City and Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd., we will expand the number of invited artists, develop a base area that will symbolize the art festival, create a new trail area, and create opportunities for children to experience contemporary art. We will work on new measures such as By doing so, we will further enhance the art festival and aim to become a representative art festival in the Kansai region, contributing to the promotion of art and culture.

In conjunction with the holding of this art festival, we will be accepting art works that make use of the landscape, nature, culture, and facility characteristics from March 20 (Mon) to May 7 (Sun), 2023. This year, 46 groups are scheduled to participate, including invitations and public offerings.


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