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Method of operation

  • If you pinch out on the map on the mountain (enlarge the screen with your index finger and thumb), you can see the location of each work at each venue.
  • When you touch the icon of the work, the artist name, work name and explanation will be displayed.
  • By touching the upper left of the map, you can check the location information other than the work.

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For those coming by train

  • From either Hanshin Railway Mikage Station, JR Rokkomichi Station, or Hankyu Railway Rokko Station, change to the Kobe City Bus Rokko Cable Car Down (16 or 106) (about 15-30 minutes). Change to the Rokko Cable Car at the terminal "Rokko Cable Car Shita" and arrive at "Rokko Sanjo Station" at an altitude of 737m in about 10 minutes. Click here for the Rokko Cable Car timetable

    *Only the 16 line goes from Hanshin Railway "Mikage" station.

For those coming by car

  • [From Osaka and east]
    Hanshin Expressway No. 3 Kobe Line After leaving the Uozaki exit, proceed to Sannomiya on Route 43. Turn right at the Tomei intersection and enter Prefectural Route 95 → Enter the Omote Rokko Driveway and head to the top of the mountain. There is a venue area after turning right at the Tojigatsuji intersection. About an hour and a half from Osaka city.
  • [From Kobe]
    Turn left at the Yamate Main Line Yumikicho 4-chome intersection and enter Prefectural Route 95 → Continue on Prefectural Route 95 and enter the Omote Rokko Driveway to the top of the mountain. About 40 minutes from Sannomiya area.
  • [From Himeji and west]
    Enter Hanshin Expressway No. 7 Kita-Kobe Line from No. 2 Shinmei Igawadani JCT, turn right at Karato West exit signal → Enter the back Rokko Driveway and head to the top of the mountain. The venue area is located after going straight or turning right at the intersection in front of the Memorial Monument.

By Shinkansen

  • From "Shin-Kobe" station, take the Kobe Municipal Subway to "Sannomiya" (about 2 minutes) → Change to the Hankyu train at "Kobe-Sannomiya" station, and from "Rokko" station, take the Kobe City Bus "Rokko Cable Car Down" (16 and 106) to "Rokko Cable Car" (about 30 minutes).

For those arriving by plane

  • From "Kobe Airport" take the Kobe New Transit Port Liner Line (for Sannomiya) to "Sannomiya" Station (about 20 minutes) → Change to the Hankyu Railway at "Kobe Sannomiya" Station and take the Kobe City Bus "Rokko Cable Car Down" from "Rokko" Station ” (routes 16 and 106) to Rokko Cable Car (about 30 minutes).
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