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"Rokko Meets Art Art Walk" is held at a mountaintop facility that makes use of the wonderful places of Mt. Rokko.
It is a course where you can encounter art and the charm of Mt. Rokko, such as forests, scenery, cable cars, and famous architecture, over a full day.


Rokko Cable Car

Rokko Cable Car works hard as the gateway to Mt. Rokko 365 days a year. The work is in the station building of Rokko Cable Shita Station and Rokko Sanjo Station.

[Highlights of the facility]

Sound along the line

From the forest along the route, you can hear the sounds of small waterfalls and the chirping of wild birds. Enjoy the surrounding sounds as well as the scenery.

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About 10 minutes on the 10:20 bus


Rokko Sanjo Station

The station's "Shop 737 Rokko Yuzan Information Center" is the first Viewing Passport purchase and redemption point. It is smooth if you get your passport here.

[Highlights of the facility]

A station building that is a heritage of industrial modernization

The station building of Rokko Sanjo Station is registered as a modern industrial heritage site, so you should check out the exterior of the station next to the work.

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About 3 minutes by Rokko Sanjo Bus at 10:55


Hyogo Prefectural Mt. Rokko Visitor Center

(Memorial Monument)

Taking advantage of the wide lawn, you can enjoy viewing large works under the sky, which is one of the attractions of this exhibition.

  • If you use a car, the parking lot will be closed after 16:00, so please be careful when parking.
  • The visitor center and car park are closed on Mondays. The works can be viewed 24/7 during the exhibition period.

[Highlights of the facility]

statue of groom

There is a statue of Mr. AH Groom, who developed Mt. Rokko for the first time in the Meiji period. Nearby is the "101" signpost (replica) that he had placed on the premises of his villa on the mountain.

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About 5 minutes on foot



(former Rokkosan Hotel)

Opened in 2019, inheriting the history of the Rokkosan Hotel, which was once the venue for the Rokko Meets Art Walk. The work is in the back of the "cafeteria" on the second floor.

  • Please note the opening hours. (11:00-18:00)
  • Closed on Mondays from August to October (closed on the following Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)

[Highlights of the facility]


Rokkosan's new name architecture with many highlights both inside and out. The cafeteria also has a stained glass ceiling from the Rokkosan Hotel.

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Approximately 5 minutes on foot → Approximately 2 minutes by Rokko Sanjo Bus at 11:58 from Memorial Monument stop


Rokko Morinone Museum

There are works in various places in the mountain hut-style building and in the courtyard that was renewed last year. This year's exhibition poster was shot somewhere in this courtyard. Please look for it!

[Highlights of the facility]


Apart from "Rokko Meets Art Walk", programs such as "Concerts without musicians" where you can enjoy performances of collection items are held. You can listen to it as many times as you want in a day.

SIKI garden

The courtyard "SIKI Garden" is the most relaxing space. When you lie down on a bench or hammock, you will feel like you are surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

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Rokko Morinone Museum

At Mori no Café

You can eat a special collaboration menu "Miso gourmet at Mt. Rokko" during the exhibition period. If there is a seat available, please come to the terrace seat!

About 3 minutes on foot


Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

A botanical garden with undulating terrain and approximately 1,500 species of alpine plants from around the world. Along with art, you can fully feel the charm of nature.

[Highlights of the facility]

flower guide

The staff who take care of it every day will introduce the plants wholeheartedly. Held every day!

Autumn leaves

The best time to see them is from late October to early November. Please enjoy it together with "Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~".

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14:43 Depart Rokko Sanjo Bus (Chapel of the Wind) about 3 minutes


Chapel of the Wind area

(Rokkosan Arts Theater/Art Center)

This is an area that includes three venues, including the famous architecture "Chapel of the Wind".

[Highlights of the facility]

"Rokko Meets Art Art Walk"
Exclusive Venue

"Chapel of the Wind" is one of the trilogy of Tadao Ando Church. Normally closed to the public, the “Rokko Meets Art Walk” is a rare opportunity to enter the church.
In addition, at the Rokkosan Arts Theater, where the stage itself is exhibited as a work of art, numerous performances will be held during the exhibition period.
"Rokkosan Art Center" is the new venue name of "Rokko Sky Villa Guest House", which has been the venue for two consecutive years since 2020. The works of various artists will be gathered together again this year.

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Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa

You can enjoy the work in the calm lobby of the hotel on the hill. It is also a base for art walks for those who take two days to thoroughly explore.

[Highlights of the facility]

Cafe "Bilaburi Garden"

You can also eat outside the hotel at the adjoining cafe, where you can enjoy Italian cuisine in a calm space.

  • The menu photo is an image

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16:29 Rokko Sanjo Bus Chapel of the Wind (to Rokko Garden Terrace)


Rokko Garden Terrace Area

Boasting an altitude of nearly 800m, this is one of the most scenic areas on the mountain. You can enjoy the collaboration of art and superb view.

[Highlights of the facility]


You can enjoy the scenery while dining at restaurants facing the sea, as well as viewing spots such as the Lookout Tower.


There are also 4 restaurants, 3 souvenir shops, and the official Rokko Meets Art Walk shop Horti in this area.

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Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Hiroshi Sambuichi, an architect who worked on the Inujima Seirensho Art Museum, built an observatory with a structure that incorporates the circulation of wind and water. The opening event "ROKKOSAN BON-ODORI" will be held on August 27th.

[Highlights of the facility]


The architecture that incorporates the nature of Mt. Rokko into its structure can not only be seen, but can also be experienced inside.
There is also a related exhibition "Shidare Museum" held at the same time, so you can enjoy it thoroughly.

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Rokko-Arima Ropeway Rokko Sancho Station

Every year, the work will be displayed on the suspended line "Rokko-Arima Ropeway Omote Rokko Line" platform. Also pay attention to the old gondola that is still sleeping in the station building.

[Highlights of the facility]

Refurbished station building

Following the new gondola that debuted in 2020, "Rokko Sancho Station" will be partially renewed in the winter of 2022. You can now observe the mechanism of winding up the rope.

  • 期間・曜日により営業時間が異なります。詳しくはこちら

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18:25 Depart Rokko Garden Terrace about 2 minutes by Rokko Sanjo Bus

Limited time

Held only at night

Kyota Takahashi ≪Hikari no Mi in SIKI Garden≫ Rokko Meets Art 2021/photo: Mitsu Murakami


Forest of light
~Night Art Walk~

Held on weekends and holidays from September 23rd to November 23rd.
Kyota Takahashi's Hikari no Mi, which colors the SIKI garden of the Rokko Morinone Museum with 2,500 smiling faces, will be lit up for this event, as will special nighttime works that can only be viewed for a limited time, as well as works that can be viewed during the day. A special performance will be held at Rokko Morinone Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.
Click here for details.

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19:28 Rokko Sanjo Bus from Museum-mae stop


Rokko Cable Car

Before boarding, see the night view at "Tenran Observatory" near the station, and board the Rokko Cable Car at 20:00. Thank you for your hard work!