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[Reservation required] musical box concert, assembly experience reservation, infectious disease measures

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-For Visitors-


Reservation is required for participation in the musical box concert, musical box theater, and Musical Box Workshop, so please make a reservation in advance.


※ミュージアムガーデン中庭に展示中の「六甲ミーツ・アート 芸術散歩2020」No.⑰~⑲の作品は入館チケットをお持ちのお客様は、ご予約なしでも鑑賞できます。


We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

1.オルゴールコンサート・オルゴールシアター予約 (定員 各回40名)

The hotel hosts regular concerts and musical box theaters every day.
Reservations can be made on the website or by phone (078-891-1284).



Regular concert

Special Exhibition "musical box Theater in Mottoni" (9/11-12/27)
WEB reservation, 10/17 "Muttoni special performance" WEB reservation


*10/05~, 10:30~, 11:00~ held on Friday, September 18th
musical box concert and musical box theater
It will be reserved for use in the event of rain due to the use of group customers.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Muttoni musical box Theater) (Photo by Hiromi Kawakami)

Museum concert "Christmas to enjoy with musical box" (November 24 to December 25)
WEB reservation

Museum Concert "Christmas Enjoyed with musical box"

Planned exhibition "Kinetoscope appreciation experience" (12/1-12/13)
WEB reservation


2. Musical Box Workshop (capacity 12 people each time) ≫ WEB reservation

* Early reservations are recommended during weekends, holidays and summer vacation.

Please cooperate with measures to reduce congestion.

※組立体験 上級コースの曲目について



3. Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases


At our facility, the following measures will be taken as part of measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

[Request to customers]
・Wearing a mask
Please wear a mask at paid facilities. If you do not have it, please purchase at the entrance.
・Cooperation of temperature measurement (paid facilities only)
At paid facilities, temperature is measured at the entrance. Persons above 37.5°C are not allowed to enter.
Also, if you have a cold-like symptom or are unwell, please refrain from using this service.
・Customer's own infection prevention
Do not wash your hands, gargle, cough etiquette, and avoid loud conversations between customers.
Please prevent infection. Please use the antiseptic solution installed in each place.
・Securing social distance
Please line up keeping a distance of 1m or more. When crowded, there may be restrictions on entrance to facilities, stores, etc.
There is.
・Please refrain from using in groups (15 people or more).
・Customers admitted to the "Hyogo Prefecture New Corona Tracking System" at the reception,
Also, please install the contact confirmation application COCOA.
If you do not have a smartphone, please write in writing the emergency contact information when a cluster occurs.
Please register at the time of admission.

[Infection prevention measures for facilities]
・Installing antiseptic solution in various places in the facility
・Regular ventilation by opening the doors and windows of stores and rest areas
・Regular wiping and disinfection of common areas
・Thinning out seats at restaurants and the Rokko International Musical Box Museum prevent crowding
・Installing vinyl sheets at counters such as cash registers to prevent splash infection

[Employee infection prevention measures]
・Wearing a mask or face shield, washing hands, gargle, and thoroughly disinfecting
・Cash delivery on the tray when handling cashiers (gloves may be worn)
・Temperature measurement and physical condition check when coming to work


For details, please visit our website ( confirm.
*Infection prevention measures and business contents may be changed depending on the future situation.

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