Toon-Kobe Kitano Meister Garden Store-

A musical box specialty store where you can feel free to experience assembling.

The second shop in the Rokko International Musical Box Museum musical box shop in the fashionable city of Kobe, we sell musical box that are perfect for Kobe souvenirs. We welcome you with a wide range of products from the original brand "“Kobe Musical Box”" to the full-scale 72-valve musical box Musical Box Workshop so please feel free to come.

We are opening a store in Kitano Meister Garden
"Toon-Kobe Kitano Meister Garden Machiten-" is
The store will be closed on October 25, 2020 (Sun).

It has been about two and a half years since the opening on April 20, 2018, but we would like to thank you for your patronage.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers due to the delay in contacting the store to close.

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musical box, so we look forward to your continued support.

business hours
Our store will be open from June 1st.
* Parking (charged) is available 24 hours.
Regular holiday
Irregular holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays (December 27-January 2)
Parking Lot
Paid (available 24 hours)
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Admission fee
Street address
2F, Kitano Meister Garden 3-17-1, Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
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Image: Tokone-Kobe Kitano Meister Garden Store-Limited product

Tokone-Kobe Kitano Meister Garden Store-Limited Items

musical box limited Kitano Meister Garden store with a weathercock and cobblestone road engraved in the image of Kitano is on sale ♪
We have incorporated “Kobe Musical Box”", which our staff performs from arrangement to production.
This is a limited edition item that can only be purchased at Kitano Meister Garden
After exploring Kitano, it is recommended for memories and souvenirs of the city of Kitano.
Plastic Photo Frame musical box Tokino Original Design (Limited to Kitano Meister Garden
Amount (tax included): 3,305 yen
Limited sale until the store closes on October 25, 2020 (Sun), but sales will end as soon as they are sold out. Please note.


“Kobe Musical Box”

  • “Kobe Musical Box” dodecagonal transparent case
    “Kobe Musical Box” dodecagonal transparent case

    ¥ 2,380 + tax

    You can choose a song from the rich original repertoire.
    It is a simple acrylic case.

  • Anniversary BEAR'S 365
    Anniversary BEAR'S 365

    3,800 yen + tax

    You can choose not only the song of musical box but also the date, so it is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.
    Kuma-chan is the month and hat is the date.
    *The color is fixed and cannot be selected.

  • Wooden antique grand piano
    Wooden antique grand piano

    4,700 yen + tax

    musical box, a nice antique piano type. Like a real grand piano, you can open the lid and support it with a stopper.
    It's a great gift for music lovers and piano players.

Recommended musical box

  • Wild Strawberry Bear M
    Wild Strawberry Bear M

    4,000 yen + tax

    A fluffy and cute stuffed animal musical box.
    You can choose from several types of songs. Recommended as a gift.
    ◎ Please feel free to contact us about the song.

  • Anti butterfly jewelry box
    Anti butterfly jewelry box

    9,600 yen + tax

    A jewelry box with a beautiful musical box which the mainspring is wrapped around and the butterfly inside flutters gracefully when the lid is opened.
    ◎ Please feel free to contact us about the song.

  • Floral glass angel
    Floral glass angel

    2,800 yen + tax

    There are purple (♪ canon), pink (♪ only one flower in the world), and yellow (♪ wish for a star).
    A cute glass angel with a small floral motif holding an instrument.

High quality musical box

  • Orpheus 30 valve Mitis, mirror finish
    Orpheus 30 valve Mitis, mirror finish

    28,000 yen + tax

    A Japanese-made 30-valve mechanism is incorporated in a box (BOX) made of high-quality walnut and maple material.
    ◎ Please feel free to contact us about the song.

  • EX246F Orpheus 50 valves
    EX246F Orpheus 50 valves

    63,000 yen + tax

    A Japanese mechanical 50 valve is built into the inlaid Italian case.
    ◎ Please feel free to contact us about the song.

  • Made by Swiss Luge<br>72-valve musical box Solid walnut case
    Made by Swiss Luge
    72-valve musical box Solid walnut case

    240,000 yen + tax

    A high-quality musical box a wide range and rich arrangements and long performances. The gem with a higher level of material and sound quality is perfect as a gift for special occasions such as wedding celebrations and important anniversaries.
    ◎ Please feel free to contact us about the song.

Musical Box Workshop

Beginner course

Image: Choose toppings and make your own musical box!

Choose a topping and make your own musical box!

Include musical box in the case. The case has the role of amplifying the vibration of comb teeth and enriching the sound. It is completed when the box assembly is completed. After the box assembly, you can choose your favorite decoration (sold separately) and decorate it. It is an experience content that even small children can enjoy.
*If the consumption tax rate is changed after October 1, 2019, the price will change.
*If you would like a general course/advanced course Rokko International Musical Box Museum What
* You can also make a reservation from Jalan. The reservation page for Jalan is From here

Participation fee
1,300 Yen ~ (tax included) * Decoration accessories are charged separately
Working hours
About 20 minutes
event date
Held every day (except closed days)
open time
10:00 to 17:30 <Reception at any time>
3rd grade or above * Children up to the lower grades of elementary school must participate with their parents.
You can participate without making a reservation. * If it is full, you may have to wait. Please note.
Please contact us by phone in advance.
  • image

    ① First, let's choose a song and a case.
    Ghibli songs and Disney songs are also available.
    * The amount varies depending on the case.
    * The songs and cases may change or be out of stock. Please pardon.

  • image

    ② If you put the musical box in the case,
    Select the accessory to decorate. (Extra charge)
    *Some items may be out of stock. Please pardon.

  • image

    ③ Completed by bonding with a bond etc.! !