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“Kobe Musical Box” 500 song breakthrough campaign


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Rokko International Musical Box Museum sells the original brand "“Kobe Musical Box”" produced by our craftsmen.
To commemorate the fact that the song lineup has exceeded 500 songs, we have created a new addition to the 500th song repertoire, "Kite" (song: Arashi, lyrics / composition: Kenshi Yonezu) in a 12-sided transparent case. We will carry out a campaign to give a gift to three people by lottery.

"“Kobe Musical Box” 500 Song Breakthrough Campaign" Present musical box (Image)


[Holding period]
October 10th (Sat) -November 23rd (Monday), 2020

① Twitter account of "Rokko International Musical Box Museum" during the period (@rokkomusicalbox) Follow
② Retweet the campaign article
* Winners will be notified via DM on Twitter by the end of November.


“Kobe Musical Box” is an original brand musical box that has been produced and sold at the Rokko International Musical Box Museum since July 2009. In 2013, it was selected as the "Kobe Selection" and attracted attention as a new Kobe brand.

At this museum, craftsmen manually perform highly specialized technical work, from the arrangement* conforming to the musical box standards to the tuning of the comb teeth that create the tone and the assembly into the case, in pursuit of higher quality manufacturing. I am.
We have a wide variety of cases, and we make them after ordering by combining your favorite cases and songs such as jewelry box type and photo frame type. You can also make your own songs such as school songs and self-made songs.

“Kobe Musical Box” song & audition page

You can also experience part of the “Kobe Musical Box” production process while receiving a lecture from a craftsman at the “Advanced Course” of the “Musical Box Workshop” held in the hall.

“Kobe Musical Box” assembly

Comb tuning (video)


* Arranged by “Kobe Musical Box”
The “Kobe Musical Box” has reached 500 songs this time, is a standard musical box called "18N". You can use 18 notes, and you can play a phrase for about 15 seconds.
The phrase of about 15 seconds is extracted from the song and arranged so that the melody and accompaniment can be played with 18 comb teeth. With 18 comb teeth, the number of sounds is insufficient compared to the original song, and there are some parts that are difficult to fit in, but the sound is cut from the original song and arranged so that it fits in the musical box standard. Also, for a while while the comb teeth are being played, the same comb teeth cannot be played again for a while, so depending on the timing of the sound being used, two or three comb teeth that are tuned to the same sound may be used. You may have to use it.
Due to these restrictions, when omitting a part of the melody, it is necessary to arrange it in consideration of how comfortably you can listen. It requires a unique arrangement sense that is not performed by the arrangement of ordinary musical instruments, but through such arrangement, a performance peculiar to a musical box is born.


< “Kobe Musical Box” Music Sales Ranking (April to July 2020)>

1st place Color ("Fate / Grand Order")
2nd place MEMORIA ("Fate/Zero")
Third place Canon (Pachelbel)
4th A Whole New World (Chorus) (Aladdin)
5th place When You Wish Upon a Star ("Pinocchio")
6th place Spring goes ("Fate / stay night")
7. Gurenhua ("Devil's Blade")
8th place Hana no Uta ("Theatrical version Fate / stay night")
9th place thread (Miyuki Nakajima)
10th Only one flower in the world (SMAP)