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Rokko Garden Terrace New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures

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Rokko Garden Terrace is taking the following measures from May 30th (Sat) as part of measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.


[Request to customers]

・Wearing a mask
Please wear a mask at the paid facility (Rokko-Shidare Observatory). If you do not have it, please purchase at the entrance.

・Cooperation of temperature measurement
At the pay facility (Rokko-Shidare Observatory), temperature is measured at the entrance. Persons above 37.5°C are not allowed to enter the park.
Also, if you have a cold-like symptom or are unwell, please refrain from using the service.

・Customer's own infection prevention
Please prevent yourself from infecting yourself by refraining from hand washing, gargle, cough etiquette, and loud conversation between customers. Please also use the disinfectant that is installed.

・Securing social distance
Please line up keeping a distance of 1m or more. Use may be restricted during times of congestion.

・Registration and installation of systems and apps for corona measures
Please register to the "Hyogo Prefecture New Corona Tracking System" installed at each facility and install the contact confirmation application COCOA.

[Infection prevention measures for facilities]

・Installing antiseptic solution in various places in the facility
・Regular ventilation by opening the doors and windows of stores and rest areas
・Regular wiping and disinfection of common areas
・Thinning out seats at restaurants to prevent crowding
・Installing vinyl sheets at cashier counters to prevent splash infection
・Reduce business hours and set regular holidays for each store


[Employee infection prevention measures]

・Wearing a mask or face shield, washing hands, gargle, and thoroughly disinfecting
・Wearing gloves and cash delivery on the tray when handling cashiers
・Temperature measurement and physical condition check when coming to work
・Continuous ventilation of rest space and disinfection of shared items
・Reduce the number of people who take a break at a time
・Thoroughly wash hands before and after entering and leaving the break room

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