Original mystery solving game "Fairies Cantabile"
  • Holding period 2022/04/29 ~ 2023/03/31
  • Last updated 2022/11/29

Original mystery solving game "Fairies Cantabile"

  • Holding period 2022/04/29 ~ 2023/03/31
  • Last updated 2022/11/29

Original mystery solving game "Fairies Cantabile"

From April 29, 2022 (Friday / holiday), Rokko Morinone Museum will hold an original mystery solving game "Fairies Cantabile".

It is a mystery solving game that advances the story while solving the mystery spread in the museum by relying on hints.

As a bonus stage, you can also enjoy solving the mystery at the adjacent Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.


-Original mystery solving game "Fairies' Cantabile"-





Outline of the event


Rokko Morinone Museum

* Held at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden as a bonus stage

Holding period

April 29, 2022 (Friday / holiday) -March 31, 2023 (Friday)

* Excluding facility holidays


open time

10: 00-17: 00 (last reception 16:30)

Time required

1 ~2時間程度

Reception place

ROKKO Forest Sound Museum Inside Forest Sound Hall 1st floor reception


1,000 yen / kit

* Admission Rokko Morinone Museum is required separately.

* If a bonus stage is also held, an entrance fee to Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden will be charged.


・ Implement using the LINE app. Please prepare a smartphone or tablet.



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Introducing the facility

Rokko Morinone Museum

Reopened in July 2021. You can spend a relaxing time surrounded by nature and sound.


・ Concert where you can listen to the sounds of mechanical instruments

・ Musical Box Store "Tone" with a wide selection of musical box, etc.

・ Experience class where you can experience making musical box and musical instruments (* Held only on weekends and holidays after 5/6)

・ Café in the forest, which is popular for its terrace seats surrounded by nature, with a focus on local production for local consumption and fair trade.

・ SIKI Garden with an exhibition of sounds that you can enjoy by touching and a 360 ° transparent dome (charged)

Rokko Morinone Museum


Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

A historic alpine botanical garden that opened in 1933. Taking advantage of the climate that is about 5 ° C lower than the city of Kobe, we grow and display plants in alpine and cold regions in an environment close to the wild.


・ Rare plants such as Himalayan blue poppy, Shichidanka, and skeleton flower are also exhibited.

・ The fresh green of early summer and the autumn leaves are also attractive.

・ Guided tour around the park with staff and instructors

・ Hammock cafes and concerts will be held for a limited time.

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

event data


Rokko Morinone Museum

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Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

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1,000 yen (admission fee not included)

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