Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden?

About Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Located near the summit of Rokko at 865 meters above sea level, this botanical garden uses the cool climate equivalent to southern Hokkaido and cultivates about 1,500 species of alpine plants, cold region plants, Rokko native plants, and other wild grasses. I am.
Within the 50,000 m² garden, rock gardens that collect alpine plants, marshes along mountain streams, and beech tree shades are planted in a wild-like manner according to the environment.
This botanical garden was opened in 1933 (Showa 8). I am supervised by the botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino.
In 1955, it was designated as a museum equivalent facility. During its long history, it has been well-known as a venerable botanical garden, where it has been honored and celebrated for three generations.

  • Waterbath
  • Cleanse
  • Nikkosuki
  • Autumn leaves

Rock garden

Rock garden is one of the landscaping styles created to enjoy alpine plants on level ground. It is designed to mimic the scenery of alpine rocks and allow alpine plants to be viewed in a state close to nature. In order to cultivate alpine plants on flat land with higher temperature and humidity than the alpine zone, drainage and breathability are especially important. The rock garden of our botanical garden is dug deep into the ground, and large stones such as rubble and rubble are placed in the lower layer to form a drainage layer. Next, it is the order of straw and cultivated soil.
Finally, we are rocking to create an alpine atmosphere.
Also, you can see the alpine flower garden with different characteristics of wet, neutral and dry by incorporating a stream.

  • Rock garden
  • Edelweiss
  • Gentian Accorlis
  • Dicentra