rokko Forest Sound Museum

A tree house is ready in a big chestnut tree!

Tree House Opens Saturday, July 16th

rokko forest sound museum
On July 16th (Saturday), we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of the renewal opening.
To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the renewal,
A tree house is open in the courtyard "siki garden ~Sound walking path~"!

Mori no Cafe Terrace Seating Pictures
Appearance photo around Mori no Oto Hall

We have a tree house! We have a tree house!

rokko Forest sound museum tackles
"Connection between people and nature" Expressed in a tree house.

A natural garden that incorporates the nature of Mt. Rokko
In the "siki garden ~sound promenade~", a chestnut tree that grows wild is used as the foundation.

From the terrace of the treehouse,
You can look at the garden from a different perspective while feeling the wind on the trees.
There are many ways to spend your time, such as having tea, reading, and looking at the trees and ponds.

In the land of Mt. Rokko, away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
Please spend a relaxing time with the pleasant sounds created by the nature of the four seasons.

* You can use it freely except for some event periods.

A photo of a wooden bird that makes a gentle tone when stroked

Get away from the busy daily life
Enjoy the changing seasons and beautiful sounds