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[Reservation accepted! ] Photo Seminar "Autumn Flower Photography Session"


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Photo seminar held!
Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden the mountain wild grass Why do not you shoot that bloom in?
The instructor explains the points of shooting in an easy-to-understand manner.


"Autumn flower photography session"
We will shoot autumn flowers such as "Daimonjiso" and "Akebonoso" that have reached the best time in the park.
A traveling butterfly "Asagi Madara" may also appear?!

[Schedule] 9/20 (Sun) * Held on 9/27 (Sun) in case of rain

[Same-day schedule]
10:30~15:00 Free walk/shoot in the park
*There is no class this time

【place】Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

[Capacity] First 30 people
*Telephone reservation required ☎078-891-1247
Reservations will be accepted from 8/20 (Thursday).
*Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.
Please note.

【Entry fee] Free (separate entrance fee required)

[Lecturer] Hiroo Horiguchi (Japan Mountain Photography Association Kansai Branch Deputy Director)
Minoru Asou (Japan Mountain Photography Association Kansai Branch Photo Exhibition Committee Member)


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