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Large-scale projects using light and images
Kyota Takahashi, an artist who has worked on many
≪Hikari no Mi in SIKI Garden≫ colored with the smiles of 2,500 people
Rokko Morinone Museum.

Also, at the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, there will be a participatory work that you can enjoy while walking around the garden.
Other art works in the area are illuminated by light,
In addition to enjoying a different expression from daytime,
You can also enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves from late October to early November.



  • A

    Kyota Takahashi, Hikari no Mi in SIKI Garden, Rokko Meets Art 2021

    Fruit of light
    in SIKI garden

    Kyota Takahashi

    ≪ひかりの実≫は、笑顔が描かれた果実袋の中にLEDの小さな光を入れ、木々に取り付ける光の作品。温かな光景が広がります。(音楽:mica bando)

  • B

    Kyota Takahashi << Kira Kira Kira Kira - Find the Night Paints! ~≫Image Photo: Mito Murakami

    Kira Kira Kira Kira
    ~ Find the night paint! ~

    Kyota Takahashi

    植物園内を巡ってキラキラ光る夜の絵の具を集めよう。コンプリートして東屋を訪れると、特別な景色が見られます。(音楽:mica bando)

  • C

    Drawing for Videokaffe with CAP <<Fungi Luciferin>>

    Fungi Luciferin

    Videokaffe with CAP

    The title "Fungi Luciferin" means luminescent fungi. A giant mushroom growing from a car that fell from the sky and got stuck in a pond. This work was created as a symbol of regeneration.

  • D

    Image for Yuko Miki + Ryota Kanazaki studio ART MANAGEMENT ≪Study.RMA_0001≫

    Study RMA_0001

    Yuko Miki + Ryota Kanazaki studio ART MANAGEMENT

    A visual image of light generated from the surface of the water emerges in the museum building. Enjoy it with sound art.

  • E

    autumn leaves light up

    Mount Rokko is 931m above sea level. The temperature is about 5 degrees cooler than on the flatlands, and the trees turn a little faster. From mid-October, the trees will be lit up in red and yellow, creating a fantastic view.

A total of 17 works are exhibited at the Rokko Morinone Museum and the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.

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Exhibitor artist


Kyota Takahashi


1995 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture. Widely active in Japan and overseas, including public projections using light and images, installations, and performance performances.

Videokaffe with CAP

Finland-based Video Cafe and Kobe's CAP have been promoting See Saw Seeds, a joint project with art groups in Hamburg, Bremen and Dubai. This time, two groups will participate in Rokko Meets Art 2022.

Yuko Miki + Ryota Kanazaki
studio ART

Yuko MIKI + Ryota

Formed in 2011 by Yuko Miki (composer/piano) and Ryota Kanazaki (electroacoustic musician/computer). In response to the question, "What kind of sound does the music that humans find out of silence have?" ing.

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To the venue Rokko Morinone Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
About 5-6 minutes by Rokko Sanjo Bus from Rokko Cable Car Rokko Sanjo Station.
Get off at Museum-mae or Takayama Botanical Garden stop.

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main image photo

  • Kyota Takahashi ≪Hikari no Mi in SIKI Garden≫ Rokko Meets Art 2021/photo: Mitsu Murakami