• Reservation system
  • Date 2022/08/06
  • 最終更新日2022/07/04


  • Reservation system
  • Holding period 2022/08/06 ~ 2022/08/06
  • 最終更新日2022/07/04


Turn on the lights and challenge the insects that you can't see in the daytime! Why don't you enjoy observing insects at night on Mt. Rokko with the commentary of the curator of Itami City Insectarium?



Night worm observation party

[Date] 8/6 (Sat) Postponed to 8/7 (Sun) in case of rain
[Time] 19: 00-21: 00 (Reception starts at 18:30 and the reception place is in front of the west entrance.)
[Place] Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Backyard
[Participation fee] 500 yen (separate parking fee (¥ 1,000-))

[What to bring] Flashlight, insect repellent spray, kappa (rain gear other than an umbrella), towel (for wrapping around the neck (to reduce skin exposure)), moisture
[Capacity] 60 people
[Cooperation] Itami City Insectarium

【please note】
・ Long sleeves and long pants are required
・ No sandals (sneakers recommended)
・ Cold protection (the temperature is about 20 ℃ at night)
・ Observation sessions will be held in the field. Please note that you cannot enter the park.
・ There is no public transportation on your way home, so be sure to come by private car.

【予 約】お電話(078-891-1247) にてご確認ください


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Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

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