Shidare Museum event information
  • Period2023 /03/18〜2024/01/08
  • Last updated 2023/04/29

Shidare Museum event information

  • Period2023 /03/18〜2024/01/08
  • Last updated 2023/04/29

Shidare Museum event information

Various events are being held at the "Shidare Museum" currently being held.

photo event

"Yodo Saito x Shidare Museum SNS Photo Contest"

"Light Installation 'Forest, Wind, Water,' Spirit Limited Sticker Gift"

relationship event

"Ichihara Hiroko Love Fortune"


Yodo Saito x Shidare Museum SNS Photo Contest

An SNS photo contest will be held in collaboration with photographer Harudo Saito, who is an exhibitor at the Shidare Museum!

Four photo contests will be held in conjunction with Saito's seasonal exhibitions.

The only way to participate is to take a photo at the Shidare Museum venue, follow the official account on Instagram, and post the photo with #!

Each contest will be judged by Mr. Saito and Rokuko Shidare staff. Prize winners will receive luxurious prizes!

We are looking forward to your participation.


■ Event name

Yodo Saito x Shidare Museum

SNS photo contest


■ Application period

Spring: Saturday, March​ ​18, 2023 to Wednesday, May​ ​31, 2023 Theme "Nature"

Summer: Thursday, June​ ​1, 2023 to Thursday, August​ ​31, 2023 Theme "Water"

Autumn: Friday, September​ ​1, 2023 to Thursday, November​ ​23, 2023 Theme "People"

Winter: November​ ​24, 2023 (Friday) to January​ ​8, 2024 (Monday / holiday) Theme "Encounter"


■ Prizes (The contents of prizes are subject to change.)

Grand Prize (1 winner): Photobook "Kando," + 10,000 yen meal ticket for Rokko Garden Terrace

Excellence Award (1 person): Rokko Garden Terrace meal ticket 5,000 yen

Honorable mention (1 person): Rokko Garden Terrace meal ticket 3,000 yen


■ How to participate

①Follow Rokko Garden Terrace [Official] account!

② Participate by posting photos taken at the venue with the hashtag “# Shidare Museum 2023” and the theme of the time of the event! For example, if you post from March​ ​18th (Sat) to May​ ​31st (Wed), please add “# nature”.

③ Contact the winners of the photo contest by direct message! Winners will be announced on our website at a later date!


■ Application requirements

・Application target

Limited to photos taken in the Rokkou Shidare site. Submit your best photos! It is OK to enter multiple times from the same account.

・Winning announcement

After a rigorous screening by Mr. Harumichi Saito and the Rokko Shidare staff, only the winners will be contacted by direct message from Rokko Garden Terrace [official] account within one month after the end of each round. Be sure to follow the official account before applying.


During the event, we will regularly pick up posted images and introduce them on Rokko Garden Terrace [official] account and Harudo Saito's account.



In the “Yodo Saito x Shidare Museum SNS Photo Contest” (hereinafter referred to as “this contest”), which is conducted using Instagram, the contents described in this application agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) will be applied. Please be sure to check these Terms before applying.

[About application]

  • The contest management office (hereinafter referred to as the “organizer”) will ensure that the applicant follows Rokko Garden Terrace official Instagram account (hereinafter referred to as the “official account”) and adds “#Shidare Museum 2023” to Instagram or Twitter. When you post a photo, it is considered that you have agreed to this agreement and applied.
  • Private accounts are not subject to review.
  • Anyone can enter this contest as many times as you like.
  • Minors should apply with the consent of their parents. At the time of posting, it is considered that the parent has agreed to all of these terms.

[About entries]

  • Submissions are limited to unpublished and unpublished works. Those that violate the rights of third parties (copyright, portrait rights, etc.), those that violate public order and morals, those that benefit certain individuals or groups, those that slander other people, and that the organizer determines that they are inappropriate Please note that applications or winnings may be invalidated.
  • Please do not shoot from dangerous places such as overpassing the fence on the rooftop of the building where the public is off limits. If the facts are discovered even after winning, the winning will be void. We are not responsible for any accidents while shooting.
  • If the submitted work includes the rights (copyright, portrait right, etc.) of a third party other than the applicant, please obtain permission from the third party in advance to use this contest.
  • The copyright of the submitted work (including the rights stipulated in Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Act) belongs to the organizer.
  • The applicant shall not exercise the moral rights of the author regarding the submitted work.
  • The organizer can use and save the submitted work independently or as a part of advertisement/promotion for the purposes of (1) to (5) below, without charge and non-exclusively for an unlimited period of time. will do. In addition, when using the work, it may be edited, such as modified or excised.
    (1) Use for broadcasting, data broadcasting, Internet distribution, etc.
    (2) Use for public relations activities, exhibitions, surveys, etc. (including posting on external Internet sites)
    (3) Provision to other media such as books, magazines and DVDs
    (4) Use at domestic and overseas events
    (5) In addition to the above, use in any medium developed in the future
  • Submissions may be posted without prior notice to applicants on this contest, Rokko Garden Terrace official website, Rokkosan portal site, the official SNS account operated by Mt. ROKKO CABLE CAR & TOURISM COMPANY, and the official YouTube channel. In addition, at this time, the applicant's account name may be made public.
  • In case of complaints or objections such as infringement of rights, damages, etc. from a third party, the organizer will not be liable at all and will handle all at the expense and responsibility of the applicant.

[About examination and result announcement]

  • Prizes can only be shipped within Japan.
  • We will inform you of the result announcement by direct message to the winners, so please be sure to follow the official account before applying.
  • After receiving the winning notification, please contact the organizer by the specified deadline with necessary information such as contact information and prize delivery address. Please note that if you do not contact us within the specified period, the winning will be invalidated.
    *Please turn on the Instagram notification setting (push notification) on your device.
  • If the prize cannot be delivered due to incomplete input of the address you contacted at the time of winning or because of inability to contact us, we will void the prize.
  • Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the examination results.

【About the handling of personal information】

  • The personal information you fill out or send will be used by the organizer to send prizes to the winners, to communicate about this contest, and to use it in the form of statistical information that does not identify individuals for reference of products and services. Please.
  • The personal information of the applicant will not be disclosed or provided to a third party other than the subcontractor without the consent of the applicant (except when disclosure is required by law etc.).
  • Mt. ROKKO CABLE CAR & TOURISM COMPANY will manage the personal information of the applicant safely and appropriately based on the personal information protection policy. For details, go to the Rokkosan portal site homepage Privacy policy "Please confirm.


  • The organizer will not be liable for any loss, liability, damage, cost or any other claim resulting from this contest, such as applying or winning this contest.
  • This contest is not affiliated with Instagram.
  • The contents of this agreement may be revised to a reasonable extent, in which case the changed contents shall apply. If there are any changes, we will notify you immediately on this page.

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Rokko Garden Terrace [Official] Account

Light installation "Forest, Wind, Water," limited sticker gift of the spirit

At the event "Shidare Museum" currently being held, "Forest, Wind, Water," by artist "Gaku Ogaki," who is exhibiting light installation works.

Appears in this video work spirits mosquito, Spirit of flat work with a smartphone, etc. Capturing (shooting) do SNS posting death, Rokko weeping entrance If you present it at , you will receive one limited sticker per person.

◎Tips for filming videos◎

・Still image shooting (when using the standard camera app)

Please start shooting with "Flash" ON (forced flash) in the camera settings.

・Movie shooting (for iPhone 8 and later models)

Select "Video", tap the upper right corner of the screen and select "4K/24".

* Select "Camera" from "Settings" on the iPhone, select "Video", and select "4K/24fps" from there to perform the same operation as above.

・Movie shooting (for Android models)

Select the shooting mode from the "function (gear mark)" of the camera app. Select a mode that allows shooting at "30fps" and shoot.

Full HD or 4K resolution is recommended.

☆You can shoot 2D works as movies or still images in normal mode☆

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日本の現代美術アーティスト イチハラヒロコによる、文字だけの「おみくじ」。運命を変える愛と笑いの「恋みくじ」で恋の運試し!

event data


Rokko Garden Terrace / Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Google Maps


March 18, 2023 (Sat) - January 8, 2024 (Mon/holiday)


You can participate only with the admission fee of the Shidare Museum.
Admission fee: 1,000 yen for adults (junior high school students and above) / 500 yen for children (4 years old to elementary school students)

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Rokko Garden Terrace Business hours from Saturday, March 18, 2023 to Monday, January 8, 2024 (holiday)

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