[Extended due to popularity! 】 Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair Makino Footsteps
  • 開催期間2023/03/18〜2023/08/15
  • Last updated 2023/05/11

[Extended due to popularity! 】 Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair Makino Footsteps

  • 開催期間2023/03/18〜2023/08/15
  • Last updated 2023/05/11

[Extended due to popularity! 】 Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair Makino Footsteps

Mount Rokko Botanical Fair

An event held jointly by Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden and Rokko Morinone Museum on Mt. Rokko, a place related to Tomitaro Makino. Why don't you spend a day experiencing plants and music with Dr. Makino, who is also the model for the main character of the 2023 morning drama? Co-organizer: Kobe Tourism Bureau Cooperation: Hokuryukan Co., Ltd., Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Nature and Humanity, Kochi Prefecture

Makino's Footsteps ~ Doctors and Plants Found in Kobe ~

Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the opening of Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden! The garden will hold a special exhibition focusing on the charm of Tomitaro Makino, the father of Japanese botany. Valuable materials including the first public exhibition of a doctor who visited the garden when it opened and interacted with the botanical garden staff are on display. A stamp rally and hands-on event will also be held at the same time. Follow in the footsteps of Dr.



神戸で見つける博士と植物 展


Doctor and Tekuteku Stamp Rally

8種の植物を巡りスタンプを集めよう!植物図や解説もあわせて楽しめます。全て集めるとオリジナルポストカード が完成&提示するとカフェエーデルワイスが10%オフでご利用いただけます。【開催日】3/18(土)~7/2(日) 8/15(火)※延長となりました!

Experience the world of Dr. Makino!

Learn from the pros! Botanical art course

Look at the plants in the botanical garden and draw a full-fledged botanical art (botanical drawing). [Date] 5/27 (Sat) [Participation fee] 1,500 yen for beginners, 2,000 yen for intermediate classes Reservation required *Reservations start from 4/1

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let's try it! kitchen lithograph

Let's try the lithograph used by Dr. Makino using chocolate and cola! [Date and time] 6/24 (Sat) [Participation fee] 1,800 yen Reservation required *Reservation starts from 4/1

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Masashi Igari photo lesson

Let's take a plant photo that will resonate with Mr. Masashi Igari, a plant photography expert! [Date] 4/22 (Sat) [Participation fee] 2,000 yen Reservation required

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Oki sensei's guide in the garden

We will guide you about the charm of plants that you cannot understand at first glance. Why don't you take a leisurely walk in the garden while also taking in the perspective of medicinal herbs? [Schedule] Second Saturday of every month

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Mori-sensei's special garden guide

This is a special guide by our special advisor, Mr. Kazuo Mori. [Date] 3rd Saturday of every month

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Hammock Cafe -Holidays for Adults Swaying in the Sunshine Through the Trees-

木漏れ日が揺れるナツツバキ広場でハンモックやカフェワゴンが楽しめます。【開催日】4/29(土)~8/6(日)の土日、8/11(金・祝)~15(火)の毎日 ※雨天中止【メニュー】挽き立てコーヒー、お菓子など 300円~

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Shop Alpicola

Looking for souvenirs at a log house style shop. Special goods and books related to Dr. Makino will be on sale during the event!

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Cafe Edelweiss

The relaxing interior and terrace seats are also recommended. In addition to enjoying the event-limited menu, you can get a 10% discount on food and drink by presenting the completed “Tekuteku Stamp Rally”.

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Botanical fair limited design ticket

We will sell a “common ticket for both facilities” with an original design that allows you to enjoy Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden and Morinoon Museum at a great price.


Limited quantity!
Tickets with Dr. Makino's original design will be on sale
Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden & Mori-no-Sound Museum Value 2 facility common ticket

Price: Adult (junior high school students and older) 1,900 yen Children (4 years old and older) 950 yen
Sales period: 3/18 (Sat) ~ until sold out
Sales location: Tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows of both facilities. (reception hours until 15:30)

Rokko Morinone Museum

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Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

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