Mori no Oto Art & Craft Marche
  • Period2022 /11/25〜2023/02/28
  • Last updated 2022/12/26

Mori no Oto Art & Craft Marche

  • Period2022 /11/25〜2023/02/28
  • Last updated 2022/12/26

Mori no Oto Art & Craft Marche

This winter, Rokko Morinone Museum “Morinooto Art & Craft Marche” for the first time to sell craft works and art works.

In addition to traditional German crafts such as smoker dolls, nutcrackers, and tin decorations, we also sell original works created by seven craft and art artists.

We hope that you will find your favorite among many works, such as works that are perfect for the winter season and works that have the warmth of the sound of the forest.


November 25, 2022 (Friday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
*Closed on Thursdays (except February 23rd), December 31st, and January 1st

During the opening hours Rokko Morinone Museum

Rokko Morinone Museum Mori Sound Hall
* Rokko Morinone Museum admission fee is required



artist exhibition


■ Kazunari Oya

Acorn-themed accessories, figurines, wooden utensils, and other woodwork products that make you feel the warmth of wood.

■ Saki Shimizu

Works such as paintings and brooches drawn using wire, where the delicate shape of the wire and the shadows woven by it are wonderful.

■ Yoshiko Kuroda

Embroidered works such as brooches depicting endangered animals with a gentle hand-drawn touch

■ Yume Yokoyama

Delicate cutouts with Christmas and winter motifs

■ Hanato arc

Flower arrangement works such as wreaths and ornaments using flowers and natural materials

■ mano6

Based on the concept of "adult and cute", accessory works using beads, sequins, freshwater pearls, etc.

■ Minori no Kaori

One-of-a-kind cloth miscellaneous goods made wholeheartedly while enjoying playing with colors as you feel


Exhibition at Rokko Morinone Museum

■ ドイツの工芸品


■ Museum Shop Tokine


■ Forest Café

Mulled wine is a classic German winter dish. Enjoy with a spiced German sweet red wine.

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