Shidare Museum-See, listen, and touch! Experience art! ~
  • Period2022 /07/15-2022/11/23
  • 最終更新日2022/09/06

Shidare Museum-See, listen, and touch! Experience art! ~

  • Period2022 /07/15-2022/11/23
  • 最終更新日2022/09/06

Shidare Museum-See, listen, and touch! Experience art! ~

Both adults and children can enjoy it easily! First hands-on art event!

Period: July 15th (Friday) to November 23rd (Wednesday / holiday)

Business hours: 10:00-21:00 (Reception closes at 20:30)

Venue: Nature Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare


Works by 5 artists will be exhibited on the stage of the observatory with a maximum altitude of 888m, Rokuko Shidare!

See, hear, touch, and take pictures of the works displayed in various ways! It is an event that both adults and children can enjoy.

At night, "Midorino Akari" will be held to color the area with green lights!


Please enjoy the world of art that unfolds on Mt. Rokko from summer to autumn.

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The official name of the Rokko Shidare, the venue for the Weeping Museum, is the “Rokko-Shidare Observatory”.

Completed in 2010, designed by architect Hiroshi Sambuichi.

It was designed to unravel the mechanism of natural circulation and the history of Mt. Rokko, and to experience the nature of Mt. Rokko itself as art.

Please enjoy the observatory made of hinoki cypress from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, along with art works.


自然体感展望台六甲枝垂れ 設計者

三分一 博志

An architect based in Hiroshima. With a consistent theme of how architecture can become a part of the earth, he advocates "details of the earth." His representative work, Inujima Seirensho Art Museum, won the 2010 Japan Architecture Award and the 2011 Architectural Institute of Japan Award.

Rokko weeping


Takahiro SAGAWA

A contemporary artist who incorporates and expresses characters that pop out into the distance found in comics. In addition to the permanent exhibition work "#ROKKO", we will exhibit three new works that you can enjoy communicating with the work, such as riding, sitting, and taking pictures.

Exhibition place


An illustrator who draws "scenery seen by someone" that may possibly exist. In this exhibition, we will exhibit illustrations drawn by actually visiting Mt. Rokko in various forms. Please enjoy the mysterious view of the world as if you were lost in a parallel world.

Exhibition place


A contemporary artist who creates paintings that express night views with stationery round stickers. For this exhibition, we have created a work that allows visitors to participate by simply sticking a sticker on it. Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind “10 million dollar night view” that will be completed by about 13,000 people pasting stickers.

Exhibition place


An electronic musician who expresses the mental scenery he spent in the city of Kobe as abstract music. In this exhibition, I will create music with the theme of cyclical "time". Please enjoy the fantastic music that changes with time at the deepest part of the rock weeping "wind chamber".

Exhibition place

Masayuki Fushimi

A lighting designer who uses light to color everyday spaces and urban spaces, and to enrich people's lives. A new green light up will be added to the seasonal light show “Lightscape in Rokko”, a seasonal light show that makes use of the intention of the weeping rock.

Exhibition place

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Yukino Omura “Ten Million Dollar Night View” Workshop

Visitors will be asked to affix a “stationery round sticker” to draw a 10 million dollar night view. Let's complete a huge night view using about 13,000 stickers!

Participation fee: Free (Rokko Shidare entrance fee required)

Venue: Rokko sun chamber "Yoshitsu"

Period: It will end as soon as it is completed during the exhibition period. Please enjoy viewing the work after completion.

Participation method: First-come-first-served basis locally. Please participate in the creation of works by making concessions with each other.

Mizuguchi Gucci blackboard kitchen car

Artist Mizuguchi Gucci turns the exterior of the Uribo kitchen car into a blackboard! Let's play by drawing a picture on the car using a special chalk!

Participation fee: Free

Venue: Near the Horti store (Please check the local map for details)

*July 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun) will open in front of Rokko View Palace

Period: July 15th (Friday) to August 15th (Monday). The venue will be changed from Tuesday, August 16th.

Participation method: Please draw blackboard art freely on site.




#ROKKO Let's make a tote bag

Draw your favorite color or picture on the coloring book of artist Yoshihiro Sagawa's work "# ROKKO" and print it on the tote bag on the spot! Let's make only one original tote bag in the world!

Participation fee: 1,500 yen (with tote bag, coloring book, crayon)

Venue: Horti store

Holding period: 10: 00-19: 00 during the Shidare Museum

Participation method: If you wish, please contact the staff in the Horti store.

Let's make Midorino Akari

ソーラーライトが付いた光るビン「ソネングラス SONNENGLAS🄬」を「サンジョルディフラワーズ ザ・デコレーター」吉野喜貴セレクトの造花と六甲山で採集したドライフラワーでアレンジ!あなただけのミドリノアカリを作ろう! 参加料:5,000円(ソネングラスMini・装飾資材付) 場所:ホルティ店内 期間:シダレミュージアム期間中 10:30~19:30



At Rokko Shidare, a light show by artist Masayuki Fushimi “Lightscape in Rokko,” a light art of Mt. Rokko [NEW!] Special lighting-imaginary sight-will be held every day! During the event period, green lighting will be added to power up!

At the same time, the area will be fantastically lit up with a light display using the fair trade product "SONNENGLAS🄬" and green lights. Sonnenglas can also be purchased at Horti.

Please note that the last entry for Rokko Shidare is at 20:30.




Pistachio mousse 900 yen

A summery dessert with passion fruit jelly in pistachio mousse. The base dough is pistachio-flavored, and the mousse is topped with crushed pistachios, making it a dish full of pistachios.

Granite Café

Rokko Weeping Green Curry 1,500 yen

A slightly dry curry with the image of green Rokko weeping using spinach. Topped with plenty of fresh vegetables to make a healthy vegetable curry. Excellent nutrition ♪

Rokko View Palace

Matcha soft Japanese parfait 650 yen

Waffle cone topped with matcha soft serve ice cream, red bean paste and strawberries! Hearty sweets ♪

Food Terrace



Uribo kitchen car also sells "green menu"! !


Mt. Rokko “Midori” Kyusoda Float 650 yen

Mt. Rokko “Blue Sky” Jelly Float 650 yen

* Contents may change depending on the arrival of ingredients. Please note.



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Rokko Souvenir Shop

A shop with souvenirs unique to Mt. Rokko. We recommend the pies and donuts made with Yamamitsu honey from Mt. Rokko.

Rokko Souvenir Shop

Rokko Pebbles Accessory Shop

An accessory shop that collects power stones. Please find the perfect item from the colorful natural stones.

Rokko Pebbles Accessory Shop


Select stylish Kobe-like items such as organic and fair trade products! Workshops are held every day! !





* Novelty will end as soon as it runs out.

* Benefits can only be used on the day.

* 1,500 yen (tax included) is eligible for one transaction. Receipts from other accounts cannot be combined.

*Cannot be combined with other discounts.

* Limited to use on the day of admission.

*Refunds will not be given even if you present it after the payment has been completed.

Sponsors: Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd., Key Coffee Co., Ltd.


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Rokko Garden Terrace / Rokko-Shidare Observatory

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July 15th (Friday) -November 23rd (Wednesday / holiday)


500 yen for adults and children (charge for 4 years old and over)


Rokko weeping business hours: 10:00 to 20:30 (last entry reception)

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