[Updated 5/10] So that you can visit us with peace of mind ~Measures against infectious diseases at the facility~

-For visitors-


[Updated May 10, 2023]

It is open as usual.​ ​Click here for usage information.

・Reservations are not required for admission for general customers.

・Because the number of participants for assembly experience is limited, reservations are given priority. Click here for dates and times.

・ If you are considering using a group (15 people or more), please contact us by phone.

・ Participation in the hall concert held in the Forest Sound Hall is on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here for content and playing time.


Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

We will continue to take measures against some infectious diseases so that you can visit us with peace of mind. Please refer to the information below for the measures taken by the facility.


[Request to customers]
・Please use your own judgment when wearing a mask inside the facility.

[Employee infection prevention measures]
・Wearing masks and gloves at the discretion of each employee
・Implementation of hand washing and ventilation of the staff space


* Depending on the future situation, infection prevention measures and business contents may be changed.