Requests to visitors (infection prevention measures)

We would appreciate it if you could understand and cooperate with the following points when you visit us to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

・ Please secure a social distance.
・ Please refrain from visiting the park if you are not feeling well.
・ Please measure your body temperature (measurement) when you enter the park.
If a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher is confirmed as a result of temperature measurement, we will refuse admission.
・ Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection.
・ During times of congestion, admission may be restricted to avoid crowding and close contact.
Please note.
・ We ask for your cooperation in registering for the "Hyogo Prefecture New Corona Tracking System" and installing the contact confirmation app COCOA. (In the shop Alpico)

About wearing a mask (updated 6/30)
We ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask, but to prevent heat stroke, you may remove the mask if you can secure a distance of 2 m or more outdoors.
Please wear a mask indoors (shops, cafes, etc.).

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, we are making the following measures so that everyone can continue to use it with peace of mind.

[Facility infection prevention measures]
・ Install disinfectants in various places in the facility
・ Regular ventilation by opening doors and windows of stores, rest areas, etc.
・ Regular wiping and disinfection of common areas
・ Adjustment of the number of people entering restaurants and shops in Alpicora
・ Installation of vinyl sheets at reception counters such as cash registers to prevent droplet infection

[Employee infection prevention measures]
・ Wearing a mask, washing hands, gargling, and disinfecting thoroughly
・ Cash delivery on the tray when dealing with cashiers (gloves may be worn)
・ Temperature measurement and physical condition confirmation at the time of arrival

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone (078-891-1247).

We look forward to your visit.