Tenran Observatory attractions

Rokko Cable Car A view spot of Mt. Rokko, "Tenran Observatory" (Rokko Mt. Jojo Observatory), which is located right after getting off at Mt. Rokko. This observatory was named "Tenran Observatory" to commemorate the visit of Emperor Showa on May 25, 1981 (Showa 56).

  • Far from Osaka Bay to Wakayama (noon)Far from Osaka Bay to Wakayama (noon)
  • From Port Island to Kobe (noon)From Port Island to Kobe (noon)
  • Far from Osaka Bay towards Wakayama (at night)Far from Osaka Bay towards Wakayama (at night)
  • From Port Island to Kobe (Night)From Port Island to Kobe (Night)

In addition to Kobe, you can see a wide view from the plains of Osaka to the Wakayama area, and $10 million night view shines at night.
It is one of the three major night view spots on Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya and has been selected as a Japan Night View Heritage. (Rokko Cable Car Yamagami Station: Altitude 737.5m)

  • 雲海雲海
  • sunsetsunset

If the conditions are right, you can see the stunning sea of clouds. The sunset is also worth seeing!

  • illuminationillumination
  • Mid Autumn FestivalMid Autumn Festival
  • First sunriseFirst sunrise

Illuminations are illuminated at night, creating a romantic atmosphere.
(Lighting: around 17:30 in summer, around 16:30 in winter ~ *Varies depending on weather conditions.)
As a seasonal event, astronomical observation events such as moon viewing are also held. On New Year's Day, Rokko Cable Car and TENRAN CAFE will be open early in the morning to match the first sunrise.