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Sanzoen sister alliance campaign in progress!


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Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Hakuba Goryu Takayama Botanical GardenHakusan Alpine Botanical Garden We have a sister affiliation with us to promote PR of alpine plants and exchange cultivation techniques and information. Alpine plants whose habitat is limited. Compared to lowland plants, they are more susceptible to deterioration of the environment and many species are endangered in recent years. In addition to natural disasters such as eruptions and earthquakes, the three gardens will work together to protect the alpine plants, which are decreasing in number daily, such as global warming and feeding damage to deer.


Please keep your ticket when you visit the three sister gardens. If you bring your ticket with you when you go to the other garden and present it at the reception, you will receive a wonderful privilege. In our garden, Original postcard Will be presented.

himaraya no aoi keshi