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Mori's Special Guide


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This year's special guide of our garden adviser, Kazuo Mori, will be held again this year!
There is no doubt that you can listen to stories from a different perspective than your usual guide!
Enjoy the dry comments that only an advisor who knows all about planting in the park will have.

◆ScheduleSaturday, April 18, Saturday, May 16, Cancellation
_________ Saturday, June 20, Saturday, July 18* Saturday, August 15th, Saturday, September 19th
_____ [*Additional schedule (6/21 added)]
_________(Excluding July Held on the 3rd Saturday from April to September, 5 times in total)
◆ time ①11:00~ ②14:00~
_________ *1 hour each time
◆Lecturer Dr. Kazuo Mori (special adviser to the garden)
◆Participation fee
Free (separate entrance fee required)
◆Reservation Numbered tickets will be distributed on the day. Please check the following.

We will have a capacity of 30 people from the viewpoint of infectious disease control. Both ① and ② will distribute numbered tickets from 10:00 to the west entrance. In order for as many customers as possible to participate, please refrain from participating in (1) and (2) in a row.