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Natural stone accessories shop

A specialty shop that collects power stones that have the hidden power of nature. There are so many kinds of wonderful accessories that feature birthstones, health stones, etc. that you might find yourself unintentionally moving. I want to choose this according to my mood.

business hours
9/1 (Tue)-11/23 (Mon/holiday)
Weekdays: 11:00-19:00 Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00-20:00
Regular holiday
9/1 (Tue)-11/23 (Mon/holiday)
No regular holiday
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Image: Held every day! !

Held every day! !

Every day, Ichihara Hiroko's love lottery 200 yen and Powerstone scooping 550 yen are held.

Recommended for October

  • October birthstone "Red Crystal"
    October birthstone "Red Crystal"

    From 3,850 yen

    A red crystal that has long been famous as a talisman for fulfilling romance.
    I want a new encounter
    For those who want to deepen their relationship with their lover ...

    Red crystal necklace 4,180 yen
    Red water crystal bracelet from 3,850 yen

  • Freshwater pearl earrings & earrings
    Freshwater pearl earrings & earrings

    From 3,190 yen

    It has the effect of raising aesthetic awareness and is said to support you in becoming a more attractive person.
    In addition, some people give it as a talisman for pregnancy and easy delivery because shellfish grow pearls in their bodies.

    Freshwater titanium post earrings 3,190 yen
    Freshwater earrings 3,850 yen

  • Natural stone bracelet with cut
    Natural stone bracelet with cut

    From 5,720 yen

    An item that makes your hands gorgeous.
    It shines brilliantly when exposed to light.

  • Natural stone necklace
    Natural stone necklace

    4,620 yen

    Unique necklaces are in stock.
    You may find your favorite ...