Rokko Pebbles Accessory Shop

Natural stone accessories shop

A specialty shop that collects power stones that have the hidden power of nature. There are so many kinds of wonderful accessories that feature birthstones, health stones, etc. that you might find yourself unintentionally moving. I want to choose this according to my mood.

business hours
7/20 (Mon)-8/31 (Mon)
Weekdays: 11:00-19:00 Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00-20:00
Regular holiday
7/20 (Mon)-8/31 (Mon)
No regular holiday
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Image: Held every day! !

Held every day! !

Every day, Ichihara Hiroko's love lottery 200 yen and Powerstone scooping 550 yen are held.

Recommended for August

  • Turquoise

    Bracelet 11,000 yen ~

    Speaking of summer turquoise! Popular color like summer.
    It is said to increase your judgment and bring success.
    It is also very famous as a charm for travel.

  • Moonstone bracelet
    Moonstone bracelet

    For each 3,850 yen

    A gentle color.
    May it bring out your charm?
    Also, it has been popular as an amulet for easy delivery since ancient times.

  • anklet

    From 1,540 yen

    It also has the effect of making your feet look thin, and the meaning differs depending on the left and right.
    Left: It is said to give a talisman and a sense of security.
    Right: It is said to increase the power you desire.

  • Red crystal beckoning cat
    Red crystal beckoning cat

    352,000 yen

    Ishikorotei is a popular hidden beckoning cat!
    The Maneki Neko, who raises his right hand, seems to carry money.
    How is it at your doorstep?
    Height: Approximately 30.5 cm Horizontal: Approximately 23.5 cm Depth: 17 cm