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Reception hours in each area


施設営業時間 10:00~17:00

  • Variety athletic


    (受付終了時間 16:30)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Water athletic

    wonder amembo

    (受付終了時間 16:30)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Muscle Athletic

    de kairiki

    (受付終了時間 16:30)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Field athletic

    wonder yamambo

    (受付終了時間 15:30)

    The reception end time may change depending on the congestion situation.
  • Mount King

    mt. king

    (受付終了時間 16:00)

  • Forest adventure

    mecya forest

    (受付終了時間 14:30)

  • Long zip slide

    zip slide

    (受付終了時間 15:45)



Hiking guessing quest Tokigami Escape Game Ⅴ ~ Rokko Kingdom and the fortress of Asurechikusu -


The 5th Tokigami Escape Game!!
Rokko Mountain Walking Mystery Solving Quest "Rokko Kingdom and Athletics Fortress-Black Wizard's Conspiracy-"

The 5th tour-type puzzle-solving game using the field of Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA will be held! Find hints and items set up in various parts of Greenia and solve all mysteries!

Tokigami Escape Game 's special page for stories and how to play!
Tokigami Escape Game V special page

Event overview

Japan-degree 2021 April 23 (Friday) to November 23 (Tuesday holiday)
10: 00-17: 00 (Closed at 15:00) (Similar to Greenia's business)

Participation fee Mystery solving kit 500 yen (tax included) (Greenia admission fee is required separately.)

On the basis of the information of the contents kit, Rokko tips and that was planted in various parts of the Athletic Park GREENIA, find and item encryption, it is actually the attraction game in which your own solve the mystery. (With a take-out puzzle-solving game to enjoy at home)

Sales location Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA Mecha Forest Zip Slide Reception



A gorgeous prize will be presented by lottery from those who have cleared the mystery!

1st class Rokkosan Genghis Khan Palace meal ticket 10,000 yen worth …… 1 person
2nd class Rokkosan Snow Park admission invitation ticket …… 3 people
3rd class Rokko souvenir set …… 6 people

Winning will be replaced by shipping to the winners after the period ends.


・ Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, the facility may be closed or the puzzle-solving game may be canceled or changed. When you participate, please also check Tokigami Escape Game website.
・ To participate in the game, you need a terminal that is connected to the Internet such as a PC or smartphone and can read the QR code. It does not support feature phones (garakei). (Customers are responsible for communication costs.) Use the LINE app. Please register the app in advance and participate.
・ There is no time limit. Playable time is from 10:00 to 17:00. It may take some time to clear, so we recommend that you participate with plenty of time. It is possible to play for multiple days, but an admission fee for Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA is required separately.
・ The time required for the main story is about 2 to 4 hours. Comes with a take-out puzzle-solving game (about 1.5 hours) that you can enjoy at home.
・ Walk on a mountain road. Please participate in shoes that you are accustomed to wearing and clothes that are easy to move. Use your smartphone to see hints, read game stories, and sometimes listen to music as you progress through mystery-solving adventures. We strongly recommend that you have a spare battery ready.
・ Do not solve mysteries while walking or operate your smartphone while walking as it is extremely dangerous.
・ The organizer cannot be held responsible for any incidents, accidents, thefts, etc. that occur while participating in the game. Please be careful when you participate.
・ If you get stuck in solving a mystery, there are hints. Use the hint only if you cannot solve it.
・ GREENIA staff has no mysterious hints or answers. Please refrain from asking questions.

* About spoilers *

It is strictly prohibited to publish, transfer or resell the mysterious problems, answers, and distributions of this event on the Internet such as blogs and SNS. (Impressions of the event are welcome)

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