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    wonder amembo


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Infectious disease countermeasures

[Infectious disease countermeasures in progress (updated 2022/3/10)]


At Greenia, we will take the following measures as part of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

We will endeavor to operate the facility safely with the cooperation of our customers. Thank you for your cooperation.

* Countermeasures are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check the latest information before visiting.

If the number of visitors exceeds the capacity of the facility, admission may be restricted. In that case, we will inform you on our website.

(Updated March 10, 2022)



・Cooperation of temperature measurement

Temperature is measured at the entrance. We do not allow people above 37.5 ° C to enter.

If you can measure the temperature at home in advance, you can come to the venue with confidence.

Also, if you have a cold-like symptom or are unwell, please refrain from using the service.


・Wearing a mask

If you are over 4 years old, please wear a mask in the hall. Those who do not have it can purchase it at the entrance. Those who use water athletics may get wet, so please bring a replacement mask.

Athletic involves exercise. Please be careful about heat stroke and dehydration, and if you feel suffocated, make sure that there are no people around you before removing the mask. Please wear it again when moving or when facing each other or staff.

In addition, please be sure to disinfect your fingers with alcohol before using activities such Pedal Boats and Go Karts in the Mount King area.

At the same time, please refrain from cough etiquette and loud conversations between customers to prevent infection by yourself.


・ Enforcement of hand washing and gargling

There are restrooms in various places in the hall.

In particular, please wash your hands and gargle before eating or drinking.


・ Alcohol disinfection of fingers

Please use the alcohol disinfectant solution installed in various places in the venue.

"In situations where you cannot wash your hands immediately, alcohol disinfectant is also effective (extracted from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)."

* Please refrain from using if you are sensitive to alcohol.
* It is flammable. Never spray in the air.


・ Securing social distance (social distance)

Please keep a distance of 1m or more between customers and staff.

The number of seats will be limited at restaurants and barbecue areas.

Admission may be restricted during times of congestion. In that case, we will inform you on our website.


・ Regular indoor ventilation

For indoor facilities, we will provide regular ventilation.

I think it may be affected by the heat and cold, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.




Registration to the "Hyogo Prefecture New Corona Tracking System" posted at each entrance,

Also, please cooperate with the installation of the contact confirmation application COCOA.



[List of infection prevention measures at facilities]

・Installing antiseptic solution in various places in the facility

・Regular ventilation by opening the doors and windows of stores and rest areas

・ Regular cleaning and disinfection of restrooms and common areas

・ Seats are thinned out at restaurants to prevent crowding

・Installing vinyl sheets at cashier counters to prevent splash infection

・ Implementation of admission restrictions when capacity is exceeded



[Employee infection prevention measures]

・Wearing a mask or face shield, washing hands, gargle, and thoroughly disinfecting

・Wearing gloves and cash delivery on the tray when handling cashiers

・Temperature measurement and physical condition check when coming to work

* The mask may be removed if social distance can be secured during work.


(Icon material salon answer)

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