You can make dreams.


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GREENIAのwonder yamamboエリアに建設予定です! ご期待ください。

  • Grand Prize


    複合遊具なので能力にあわせて色々と遊べそう! チーム戦で点数バトルしても面白そうですね!

  • Grand Prize



  • ペンネーム


  • ペンネーム

    かわいい!フィッシャーズ監修ならではの乗り物! 水の流れの無い池に作るアイデアで子供でもチャレンジ出来そう。

  • ペンネーム

    壁を蹴って自力で進むアスレチック。難易度は高そうだけどクリア出来たら面白そう! 是非みんなチャレンジしてみてほしい!





Draw the dream Obstacle you'd like to play at!

With Japan's most popular video creators, "Fisher's"
Japan's largest Obstacle
"GREENIA" launches a new project!
that name as well"#I made my dream Obstacle"!
We are looking for ideas for the dream Obstacle you would like to try!

Fischer's and Greenia give shape to their dreams!

The selection was made by Fishers and Greenia.
The ideas that won the Excellence Award can actually be created and dreams can come true!
The results will be announced on this special page.
And the selected idea was
It is scheduled to open in the field Obstacle "wonder yamambo" area! (Date to be determined)
Why not make your dreams come true with Greenia?

Outstanding performance award

To Greenia
Obstacle of your dreams
They will make it for you!

Field Obstacle
In the "wonder yamambo" area
Expected birth

Supplementary prize

Greenia pair invitation ticket,
Assorted original goods


Recruitment theme

"Secret Forest Obstacle"

Eligibility / Examination Criteria

# Eligibility

Anyone. Group application is possible.

* One person can apply for any number of points.

# Examination criteria

  • Is it a dream work?
  • Are you becoming Obstacle?
  • Is it something that adults and children can enjoy?

Application method

~ Step1 ~

Let's get a special application form!

Download the form

Application form

Recruitment has ended.
Thank you for your many applications.

~ Step2 ~

Let's draw idea illustrations!

When drawing with graphic software

  • Data format: JPG or PNG file. (Up to 3MB.)
  • Scanned ones are also acceptable.

In the case of handwriting

  • Please print the idea illustration drawn on the application paper on the A4 paper. Alternatively, you can take a picture of the drawn illustration with your smartphone! (Please shoot so that the paper and the camera are as horizontal as possible.)

* Submitted idea illustrations to applicants
It cannot be returned.

~ Step3 ~

Let's apply for the completed idea illustration!

Recruitment has ended. Thank you for your many applications.

May your dream idea come true? !!

Contest details / application requirements

Application period

August 1st (Sun) -September 30th (Thursday), 2021

Application deadline

Valid until 23:59 on Thursday, September 30, 2021
Valid until September 30, 2021 (Thursday) postmark on the same day
Valid until 17:00 on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

* The application deadline may change depending on the spread of new coronavirus infections.

Application rules


Anyone. Multiple applications, group applications possible

  • You can apply for as many points as you like.
  • Please apply by the person who designed it.
    If you are a guardian of a minor, please be sure to obtain the consent of the person before applying.


  • Fischer's (video creator)
  • Mt. Rokko Nature Adventure Park GREENIA

Examination criteria

  • Is it a dream work?
  • Is it Obstacle (does it involve exercise)?
  • Is it something that adults and children can enjoy?

Plagiarism and submissions of works that fall under the "prohibited matters" in the following notes are strictly prohibited. In addition, if plagiarism is found during voting or after counting, it may be immediately deleted from the posting and the prize may be invalidated.

Result announcement

We will announce it on this special page.


Handling of personal information

Personal information such as name and address entered when submitting a work will be used within the scope of the operation of this contest, such as selection, notification of winning, sending of prizes, etc.
In addition, when announcing the selected works on this site, etc., we will post the name listed in the "Pen name" column of the application form.

About copyright

  1. The submitted work is an original work produced by the applicant and must be unpublished or unpublished. Double entry to other idea contests is not possible.
  2. The copyright of the submitted work (including the rights stipulated in Article 27 of the Copyright Act and Article 28 of the same Act) belongs to the organizer free of charge.
  3. Applicants shall not exercise any moral rights of the author with respect to the submitted work.
  4. The organizers may freely use, modify, or adapt the submitted works, including but not limited to creating perspective drawings or illustrations based on the submitted works, constructing Obstacle facilities, manufacturing items, producing printed materials for sales and advertising, and posting on websites, social media, and other media.
  5. The organizer may change the expression of the submitted work when publishing or announcing the submitted work.
  6. Applicants have all the legal rights to apply for the submitted work and all the rights of third parties (copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, and all other related rights). We guarantee to the organizer that we have not infringed.
  7. If there is a complaint or objection from a third party regarding the submitted work, such as infringement of rights or compensation for damages, the organizer shall not be liable at all and shall handle it at the expense and responsibility of the applicant.

About prohibited matters

If it is judged that the following contents are applicable, it will not be selected.

  • Content that seems to be offensive to public order and morals
  • Content that seems to be an act of advertising, solicitation, etc. or slander
  • Content that seems to infringe defamation, privacy, or right to image, etc.
  • Content that seems to infringe intellectual property rights (patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, etc.)
  • Content that violates the law
  • Any other content that Mt. Rokko Nature Adventure Park GREENIA deems inappropriate