Rokkosan Hands-on Farm

Summer strawberry picking & summer potato digging

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Strawberry picking in September! Extended business decision!

Strawberries are growing very well this summer, and we have decided to extend the business! Scheduled to close on 9/13 (Sun)Until 9/22 (Tuesday / holiday)I will extend it! Please take this opportunity to enjoy summer strawberries ♪

What is summer strawberry?

Mt. Rokko is 5-6°C cooler than the city, and the average annual temperature is about the same as southern Hokkaido. Unusual, cultivated using its cool climate "Summer strawberry" You can experience picking ♪ When you are troubled with fruit picking, the classic strawberry is recommended!

Did you dig summer potatoes?

Generally, potatoes that can be harvested in the spring can be harvested in the summer at Mt. Rokko ♪ You will never forget the experience of digging and harvesting with your own hands. a memory from summer To! Experience picking potatoes as well! Let's take it home and cook!

Two hands-on programs * Separate entrance fee required

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① Summer strawberry picking experience Reception on the day

You can pick strawberries and eat them on the spot. You can see the actual cultivation of strawberries, so it is also recommended for children's dietary education.

Akane Suzu (about 2,000 shares)
  • Light plan 500 yen / person (6 tablets)
  • Standard plan 1,000 yen / person (14 tablets)
  • Deluxe plan ¥ 1,500 / person (22 tablets)
  • July 23 (Thursday / holiday) -September 22 (Tuesday / holiday) [Extended business decision! 】(plans)
  • *Wednesday and Thursday are closed days. *It may change depending on the growing condition of strawberries.
● Weekdays 10: 00-12: 30 / Lunch break / 13: 30-16: 00
● Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-16: 00
Finished as soon as the picked portion on the day runs out
  • Rokkosan Hands-on Farm (1)
  • Rokkosan Hands-on Farm (2)
  • Rokkosan Hands-on Farm (3)

② Summer potato digging experience Reception on the day

Why don't you touch the soil with your own hands and feel the blessings of the earth with your skin? You can take back the dug potatoes.

500 yen per share
From Thursday, July 23 to Sunday, September 13 (planned)
  • * It may change depending on the growth condition of potatoes.
Registration for this season has ended.
Those who have experience digging potatoes can harvest summer vegetables on a first-come-first-served basis. It ends as soon as it disappears.

Autumn experience event

Potato digging & Yakiimo experience reservation system

We harvest sweet potatoes grown at Rokkosan Hands-on Farm and make baked potatoes. You can enjoy hot baked authentic potatoes freshly baked. * Depending on how the sweet potato grows, it may not be possible to dig potatoes. *There is only one grilled potato per person.

Beni Azuma
  • Adult 1,500 yen
  • Child 1,000 yen
  • 10/3(Sat)・4(Sun)
1st 11:00~ / 2nd 14:00~
8 groups each time (1 group up to 5 people)


  • * Please wear shoes that can be dirty.
  • * A net is set up to prevent bird damage. Therefore, adults should bend down to participate.
  • * Only the participants can enter the strawberry greenhouse. However, only one adult can accompany an infant.
  • * The event may be canceled depending on the growth of strawberries.
  • * Because there are steps and gravel, please wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers. In addition, wheelchairs and strollers cannot be used because there is a staircase to the experience farm. Please note.
  • * The dog cannot enter the experience farm.
  • * Bees are left inside the greenhouse to grow strawberries.
  • * Smoking is not allowed inside the experience farm.
  • * Please refrain from bringing rugs such as goza or leisure sheets into the experience farm.
  • * There is no toilet in the experience farm, so please complete it at the Rokkosan Country House by the opening time.
  • * The capacity is limited.