Alpine rose

Restaurant "Alpenrose"

Pedal Boats Restaurant on the shore of the pond. We are waiting for a variety of menus such as hamburgers, curries, parent and child rice bowls that children love.

News of new coronavirus infectious disease measures

We will take the following measures as part of the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in preventing infection.

[Request to customers]
・Please refrain from using if you have a flu-like symptom or if you are unwell.
・Please wear a mask when not eating.
・Please refrain from drinking and drinking.
・Please refrain from infecting yourself by refraining from washing hands, gargle, cough etiquette, and loud conversation between customers.
・Please use the antiseptic solution installed in each place.
・Please line up with a distance of 1m or more to secure the social distance.
・Entering the store may be restricted during times of congestion.

[Infection prevention measures for facilities]
・ Disinfectant is installed in various places in the facility.
-Regular ventilation by opening doors and windows.
・Regular wiping and disinfection of common areas.
・Installing vinyl sheets at cashier counters to prevent splash infection.

[Employee infection prevention measures]
・Wear masks and gloves, wash hands, gargle, and thoroughly disinfect.
・Cash delivery on the tray when handling cashiers (gloves may be worn).
・Temperature measurement and physical condition check when coming to work.

business hours
Open daily from 8/1 (Sat) to 17 (Mon) (only Saturday and Sunday thereafter)

Cafe menu 10:00-17:00
(16:30 order stop)
Meal menu 11:00-17:00
(16:00 order stop)
Regular holiday
Closed on basic weekdays. There are no stores in September and October. *Business will resume from Snow Park.
*In case of rain, it may be open instead of the Green Leaf restaurant corner.
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Classic menu

  • Stewed beef hamburger set
    Stewed beef hamburger set

    1,100 yen

    Enjoy 100% beef hamburger with demiglace sauce. Popular with children!

  • Sangen pork loin cutlet curry
    Sangen pork loin cutlet curry

    990 yen

    Tonkatsu using loin of Sangen pork.
    Curry with a soft texture and plenty of volume.

  • Fluffy Oyakodon
    Fluffy Oyakodon

    820 yen

    A fluffy Oyakodon that both adults and children love!

  • Snowy kids plate
    Snowy kids plate

    800 yen

    It is a menu for happy children who loves children's favorite curry and hamburger plates.
    This year, a croquette with a snowy design has been added.

New menu

  • Rokko beef bowl roast beef bowl
    Rokko beef bowl roast beef bowl

    1,800 yen

    Roast beef has a visual (arranged) that looks like Mt. Rokko.
    This is a push menu for the Kantree House, where you can enjoy homemade onion sauce and mellow yogurt sauce.