Mount Rokko is readily accessible from the urban areas of Kobe and Osaka and from Arima Onsen Hot Springs.Enjoy a nightscape on a scale bigger than any other in Japan, and come experience cherry blossoms, autumn leaves and other breathtaking seasonal changes in scenery.|The "Million-Dollar Nightscape" from Rokko Garden Terrace Nightscape viewing spot close to town

Rokko Snow Park

  • Snow
  • Fun

TEL 078-891-0366
Open From early December through mid-March
Operating Hours 9:00-22:00
Entry Fee Adults (12 and over) 2,000 yen, Children (3-11) 1,000 yen (Tax not included)
Regular holiday Open all period round

Allow at least 60minutes
  • Our mascot, Snoil, is a popular guy around Mount Rokko.
  • People of all ages enjoy sledding and playing in the snow!

Let’s Hit the Slopes and Have Some Fun!

Come enjoy playing in the snow on our spacious ski slopes. It’s okay to come empty-handed – for a fee, you can rent snow sleds, snow gear and anything else you need. The color of the snow and the frost-covered trees are of a beauty you will only find on Mount Rokko.

Enjoy the remarkable scenery of snow and frost-covered trees.
Rokko Snow Park

Rokko Garden Terrace

  • Nightscape Viewing
  • Panoramic Views
  • Fine Dining
  • Shopping

TEL 078-894-2281(Operator)
Open Everyday throughout the year
Operating Hours 9:00-21:00
Regular holiday Open all year round
*Exact hours depend on season, day of the week, weather and shop

Allow at least 30minutes
Rokko Garden Terrace

Take in the Million-Dollar Nightscape View,One of the Top Three in Japan!

Mount Rokko boasts sweeping panoramic views of everything below, and the must-see “million-dollar nightscape” is one of the best night views Japan has to offer. You can also enjoy fine dining and shopping while gazing at the views.
*Weather conditions may affect visibility

million-dollar nightscape
The “million-dollar nightscape” appears to be studded with gemstones as it stretches out below you.

Rokko-Shidare Observation Deck
Experience Mount Rokko from Season to Season!

The Rokko-Shidare Observation Deck atop Mount Rokko offers you the chance to experience nature. In the summer, you can enjoy cold blasts of air originated from natural ice, and in the winter, you can observe icicles and frost-covered trees. Each season also features unique light performances.

Rokko-Shidare Observation Deck
■ Operating Hours
Mid-April - January 10:00-21:00 (Front Desk closes at 20:30)
Mid-January - March 31 10:00-17:00 (Front Desk closes at 16:30)
*Hours may change according to the weather
■ Open: Everyday throughout the year
■ Regular holiday: Open all year round
Designed by Hiroshi Sanbuichi ©shinkenchiku-sha
Granite Cafe
Panoramic views complement our creative seasonal dishes and andmade desserts.
Granite Cafe
Rokko View Palace
A casual restaurant featuring scenic views and hamburger steaks, stews and other Western foods.
Rokko View Palace
Mt. Rokko Genghis Khan Palace
Eat mutton barbecue to your heart’s content while you gaze at the nightscape.
Mt. Rokko
Genghis Khan Palace

This fun shop is full of Mount Rokko souvenirs and charming knickknacks.
Commemorate your trip or share your memories with others with these healthy organic foods and aromatic products.

Rokko International Musical Box Museum

  • Concerts
  • Musical Box Assembly
  • Fine Dining
  • Shopping

TEL 078-891-1284
Open Everyday throughout the year
Operating Hours 10:00-17:00 (Front Desk closes at 16:20)
Entry Fee Adults(12 and over)1,030 yen, Children(4-11)510 yen
Regular holiday 3 and 10 September (Thurs), Thursdays between 26 November - 17 March (Open on 24 December,11 February), 31 December (Thurs) and 1 January (Fri/public holiday)

Allow at least 30minutes Museum Shop TONE Japan. Tax-free Shop

Antique Musical Boxes Provide Tranquil Environment

An exhibition of antique musical boxes and other automatic musical instrument from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The valuable exhibition pieces actually perform for you at daily concerts.

Experience the one-of-a-kind feeling of building a musical box by hand

You can try your hand at assembling part of a musical box in our workshop. The joy that comes the moment the musical box part you assembled emits a clear tone is a truly unique experience.

Musical Box Assembly
■ Assembly Time: 30-60 minutes
■ Workshops start at 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30
*Workshops held once an hour during peak periods(weekends, holidays, summer)
*Exact fees depend on the nature of the assembly
Musical Box Assembly Musical Box Assembly
Musical Box Concerts
Large automatic musical instrument and automaton join the musical boxes in daily concerts
Musical Box Concerts 15-20 minute concerts begin every 30 minutes
The Musical Box Museum also features a café where you can enjoy food and tea.

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Flowers

TEL 078-891-1247
Open March 21 to November 23
Operating Hours 10:00-17:00 (Front Desk closes at 16:30)
Entry Fee Adults(12 and over) 620 yen, Children (4-11) 310 yen
Regular holiday 3 and 10 September (Thurs)

Allow at least 30minutes

The maple and beech tree leaves change their colors first, followed by hydrangea and white enkianthus. All around you stretches the beauty of color that only nature can provide.View autumn leaves between mid-October and mid-November.

Experience Flowers, Autumn Leaves and Nature Unique to Alpine Environments

The 1,500 species of plants from cold-weather regions and alpine flora from around the world are cultivate in a near-native environment. You can enjoy cherry blossoms, autumn leaves and the many other flowers that accompany the changing of the seasons. The Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden also has a running partnership with the Schynige Platte Alpine Botanical Garden in Switzerland.

Sargent Cherry
Sargent cherry trees color each Mount Rokko spring with their deep pink blossoms.
View cherry blossoms between late April and early May
  • Japanese Daylily (July)
  • Japanese Primrose (May)
  • Forest Area
Alpine flora and other wild plant life take advantage of the cool conditions atop Mount Rokko.
You can do the same to beat the summer heat!